Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Pie

Our favorite Pilgrim Girl heads out to make some pumpkin pie, but finds out that it's not quite as easy as one would think. But the end result is still plenty of cream on a tasty pie. A new 23 pic set for the holiday. Available at my paysite - And of course site members can download the set for free for the next month(-ish).

Happy Thanksgiving! Another of those holidays that we don't really pay attention to the reason for it. Much like Memorial Day is national BBQ-Day rather than "dead soldier day", Thanksgiving is our happy day of football and far too much food. Yay! And apparently also a day for ridiculously hot Puritan chicks to get tied up and ravished by giant Pumpkin Monsters.... Yeah, that too.

Divine Hair III by FK Design (I was wrong! She is still active)


TheMadMonk said...

Okay I'm sorry, can't help it, you KNOW I can not resist a good pun when the opportunity presents itself BUT shouldn't this have been entitled "Pumpkin CREAM Pie"????

I also congratulate you on your health conscious theme. It is a nice piece of veggie meat being used as the stuffing!!!

Great work as always Sir, Happy Holidays!!!

kombl kaurn said...

Just awesome, I love weird stuff like this. Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Your Pilgrim girl is one of your out there weird sets but i love it! Great job! Look forward to future adventures and what your imagination can conjure up for little miss pilgrim.

Faro09 said...

Thanksgiving wouldn't have been complete without Pilgrim Girl. Thanks for this one, probably one of my fav girls of yours. Great job on this one and hoping to see what you'll do next.

Anonymous said...

In the list you guest unfortunately forget the tendrils on the arms of your Pilgrim. A second or third the monster would have certainly not bad either.

EDought said...

I was wondering if there was going to be one this year, being traditional and all. (Two years counts as traditional, right?)
As always, an excellent set with one of your best models (with one of the best outfits). What with this being so close to your site's first year, congratulations on that too. Looking forward to the next year.

Tipler said...

Nice Set again. Love those x-ray shoots you always add.

I got a couple of questions about your work if you don't mind. It really amazes me how good the textures you are using are looking. Are they selfmade or do you search the web till you find something suited?
Also some of your girls/women/creatures are drooling in the pictures or "leaking" other fluids. How are you doing that? Is it paint on to the face/body skin or is it a prob?

I am learning to use DAZ Studio and your Credits list is a good way for me to see how to match things and combine two diffrent things into something new. But sometimes i can only wonder "How the hell did he does THAT?"

Thanks for your nice works and the help you have been to me :)

MongoBongo said...

Well thnx for all your kind words. And yeah, certainly wouldn't be Thanksgiving without Pilgrim Girl.

@Tipler - Most of the textures are from sets but reworked in the Poser material room. A good shader set-up can make all the difference. Not sure how adaptable DAZ is though. As for the various fluids, 90% of the time that is postwork in Photoshop. Occasionally I will use a prop, but usually not thrilled by the results.

krassomat said...

skrewed by a veggie, the pumpkin's revenge - hilarious!
still can't believe it :))

joeannie said...

LOL - is proof; some gals never learn! Third-year in a row! I think she should stay out of pumpkin patches, maybe spend Thanksgiving sick in bed :) or maybe she likes it, not her fault after all!

sumuner said...

And so is how the legend of the great pumpkin began!
awesome job!

Anonymous said...

Are the pictures emailed to us or are they maid to us?

Tipler said...

Thanks for the answer Mongo.
Haven't done much with shaders yet. Only exchanged textures and bump maps so far. Gonna search for tutorials once i have a firm grip on the basics.

MongoBongo said...

@Anon - You get a link to download the sets once you buy them. Or when you get them for free if you are member.

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