Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mongo Bongo News

So since SWTOR went Free2Play, been spending a hell of alot of time dicking around with that. Which is probably a relief to many in EvE-Online as I haven't been around to spread my special brand of justice there. Instead I've been playing the epic adventures of my Smuggler. Now I could probably rage for hours about the interface, the gameplay, the lag, the f2p restrictions, and a variety of other things - but fuck it. It's free. Fortunately the storylines are damn good, and that's what I play for. So yay for that. And it gives me inspiration for the little quickie pic above.

Also, in other news! Erogenesis released his latest comic "The Route" a few days ago. And because I'm just a super-swell guy he sent me a free copy (the fact that I do blog posts like this had nothing to do with it *cough*). In any case, damn good stuff! It continues the adventures of Lali and her employment as an oversexed espionage agent. Now Lali might not be to everyone's taste - she looks the way real women do. Crazy, I know right? But don't let that put you off, cuz real women are pretty damn awesome. Plus she has personality! Funny as hell. Combine that with Erogenesis' freaking epic modeling and renders and you got yourself a damn good comic. Seriously, his renders are top-notch. Easily in my top three of "The Best". But wait! There's more! The thing is 166 pages long. Yeah. And it's only $12. That is a deal and a half!


Anonymous said...

Dude, you should totally do a full set of the SWTOR pic above.

Faro09 said...

:( I really like SWTOR, wish there was more to do. The stories are definitely worth it, a genuine star wars experience. Hoping to see some of your toons going at it.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, a set of that SWTOR pic would be a top seller imo.

Ang. said...

Something tells me that if I were to start playing after seeing that pic, I would just be disappointed!

TheMadMonk said...

Ya know I just might have to check out "The Route" after all ya gotta love a gal who's safety conscious enough to wear safety glasses on the shooting range, right???
So would that be 'lock and load, or cock with load?'

Erogenesis said...

lol @ MadMonk! I wonder what you think of it

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