Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One Year Birthday!

Hard to believe, but I've actually had my site running for a year now. Doesn't seem like that long ago. Been a hell of alot of work though. Have worked longer and harder than any other job. Seriously, if I were working a minimum wage job I'd be crazy rich with the amount of hours I've put into this. But wouldn't trade it for anything. Cuz I'm working for me, and loving what I'm doing. Best job EVAH!

So yeah, there's that. Ummm..... Oh! Last year I did a little blurb about movies and shit I was looking forward to. Well having seen most of them, I can say with some certainty that just about all of them sucked. Even the new Bond film wasn't that good (in comparison to the sheer awesome that were the other ones). Sure it wasn't Total Recall bad. But was still missing the magic of the other Daniel Craig ones. At this rate, I might as well finish off the year with the last Twilight travesty and then swallow a bullet (not really, I like myself too much to subject myself to Kristen Stewart).

Hmmm.... What else? SWTOR! It's going to be free-2-play tomorrow (Nov 15th). Whoever said that would never happen - you can suck it! :-P So odds are we can expect some Star Wars sets in the future. In any case, I'll certainly be playing it again. Gotta finish off my Sith Juggy storyline, and then continue the epic adventures of Captain Diggler and his pornstar mustache. So if you are on Drooga's Pleasure Barge, be sure to give me a yell or whatever. (But no, I won't eRP with you.)

Anything else to babble about? The idea list! Durrrrrr... So yeah, some good ideas there. Power Girl is a definite - love her after reading some older DC stuff. Not sure what I'll have her paired up with, but the cop car idea was nice! April O'Neil seems kinda popular. And while I'm all for destroying peoples childhood memories, I'm strangely kinda ambivalent about her. But will bounce it around for awhile. And of course Spidey getting NTR'd again - have ideas for two more Gwen Stacey sets. Princess Peach will definitely need to make a reappearance. And Lady d'Clairmonte will be having more adventures, though she does tend to stick towards large partners with four or more legs. Some other great ideas in there too, so keep 'em cumming (or w/e).


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary from Rav and Agui! You did the Warcraft Elves and Dragon Set for us last year and we framed our favorite ones and hung them in our game room. They get lots of compliments. Keep up the great work and have a great holiday season!

Anonymous said...

Personal preference: I like sets with just one partner instead of multiples, it keeps it more personal (which is more interesting than just a girl being super horny with a buncha dudes). I really liked how there was a big couple section on the first Princess Peach set before the group stuff started. I hope you follow the same format for other group sets. Love your art

Fraggle Rock BITCHES said...


You should (or could or whatever fuck you) pair Power Girl with Doomsday:

That mofo legit killed Superman one time (he got better). Plus he's super easy to render, mofo is just a gray hulk with some spikes. Just sayin. Also all of your stuff is totally awesome

Anonymous said...

Guess I'm going to have to renew my subscription to your site if you're going to do my Power-girl idea. Good thing I finally got a job again a few weeks ago.

Might I suggest that her partners be large enough that when she sits on their cocks her feet don't even touch the ground? There was a hentai came out a year back or so whose name escapes me where some ogres or something spitroast an elven girl who hangs between them, legs dangling in the air while they man-handle her. I just find it a very erotic pose.

She might do well matched up with some gorilla based monsters, akin to the Yeti you posted recently. I haven't read much in the way of DC/Marvel stuff recently, but I think the gorilla's played a part in her recent solo series. They're robbing a bank, Peej shows up, they stun her and put a pink kryptonite collar on and she gets horny and lets them use her. The use of pink kryptonite also allows for the addition of some girl on girl action, either with one of PG's own allies or one of the gorilla's allies. Supergirl, Terra, Wondie, Giganta or a Star Sapphire, who uses her powers to make some pink kryptonite specifically to fuck Peej. Two women and a couple of men-sters might be a bit much though. Still...

Anonymous said...

Oh, and using the Star Sapphire gives you the added bonus of being able to end the set or include an extra picture of PG in a slutty Star Sapphire style re-design of her existing costume with extra high "fuck me pumps", bigger boob window and all rounder skimpier, tighter and filthier outfit choices.

And who doesn't love that?

Having a recurring set akin to Lady D'Clairemont about a skanky Star Sapphire seducing, fucking and pimping out various heroines would be pretty cool.

TheMadMonk said...

Happy Birthday to, err, your Site!
Happy Birthday to your Site!
Happy Birthday Lord Mongo….

Oh wait I forgot, we're not allowed to sing that stupid song unless we're willing to cough up royalties to a couple of old broads..

Well in any case, wouldn't this be more of anniversary anyway???

Because let's face it, NOBODY really expects to have SEX on their first birthday!

Well if they're human that is, but an Anniversary!

Now that's a reason to try some of the 'weird stuff' as Captain Hammer would say, well he would if he wasn't in therapy.

Anyway, the new Wonder Woman set was awesome as always!

Gives the classic 'doggy style' position a whole knew spin!

BTW- I just went over the Idea Suggestions with a fine toothed comb and suddenly realized there was one GLARING ERROR that I can't believe wasn't suggested.

Which is simply; Jenny, Jenny, JENNY, YES MORE of that hot delicious blonde digital avatar which is made even more incredibly hot because she is based on the real living, breathing oh so perfectly put together Miss Poussin!

You think that I might find her attractive???

In any case; sure, you left her captured and running with the Borg but how about a set where the Borg try to assimilate a group of extremely horny "Q" types, not knowing who they are they send "Fornicatus" in to assimilate them by first 'seducing' them, except that when the two or three "Q" and Fornicatus all orgasm together it sends a bio-feedback wave that basically wipes out all of the Borg tech transforming all of the converted Borg in the universe back into their original lifeforms.

The Q are also neutralized as their shared common link overloaded their near godlike powers and put them all into a coma, at leas for now.

Jenny is rewarded for her 'heroic' actions of destroying the Borg and 'for the moment' keeping the pesky Q at bay by getting promoted all the way up to Lieutenant Junior Grade (take a moment to say 'whoopee!') and assigned to some (under the) desk duties for an admiral or two.

Sorry, but I can see Jenny's banner over the right side of the screen as I write this and I can not believe that nobody thought to include her!

Well Happy Anniversary anyway here's hoping for a few dozen more!!!
The Mad Monk

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Mongo.

Cryotek said...

Congrats MB! Looking forward to more years of great content, the last one was awesome. ;)

joeannie said...

Cute birthday cake :)

sumuner said...

Cheers! Hope you have another great year to come :-D

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!
I like your site. everything is great, beside one thing.... Can you please make the pics a bit bigger ^^"

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to a Power Girl set! I'd love to see her interrupt a gang of gorillas robbing a bank. Sounds great!

YmomY said...

I wish you many successes!!!! And going for another year

krassomat said...

greez & gratz!
keep em cummin!

Sarge said...

Hmmm... about ideas and such. I was looking back over some of your older things on the members site. I would love a continuation of
Necromantrix. Maybe this time she trys to raise something even larger... and again cant control it.... like even a skeletal dragon

Anonymous said...

Love your WW stuff. How about this scenario.

Wonder-woman encounters 3 Spartans from the group of 300 who challenge her to friendly wrestling match.The match quickly progresses to a no-holds barred all holes filled Gang Bang.


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