Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wonder Woman: Hades

Wonder Woman enters the underworld to save a soul. But first she must face Cerebus the triple-headed guard-beast of Hades. And she ends up taking all three heads at once. It's 38 pics of classical Greek-ness that Plato would approve of (maybe)! Available at my paysite - www.mongo-bongo-art.com. And of course site members can download the set for free for the next month or thereabouts.

So finally done. Yay. Tired. Will write something witty later. The two pics above are pretty much the only ones that can be safely posted on Blogspot.



Tantacel said...

Two words. Fucking Awesome.

sumuner said...

Looks likes she's gonna have a...wonderful...time!

Man that was lame... :P

An Intelligent Mackinaw said...

Looks like Wonder Woman's really in the dog house this time!

Mike said...

Your best work yet a well know character in hardcore action we couldn't ask for more

Cannon said...

5/5 rating, although not a member will be definatetly paying for this set.

pebbo said...

Love the work, though never could get into Wonder Woman! Appredite or Lara Croft would have been a better choice in my opinion. Oh well.

krassomat said...

uh-huh, hothothot...
a few pics seem a bit rushed - e.g. #12 with the kinda weird uper thigh
and the boobs extending into the floor, but overall very hot.
love the gal's kinky facial expressions.
also solid x-rays and wicked wicked triple penetration!

Anonymous said...

Totally hot. Great job. More please. :-)

Anonymous said...

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