Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tera & Goat Demon

Zafo's cute little elf makes her first Mongo set appearance when she attempts to complete the Goat Demon quest. 20 pics of this pointy-eared adventuress getting pounded by a giant red demon... goat. Yeeeaahhh... Full set available at my paysite - And the set download is free for members for the next month!

So if any of you frequent Zafo's blog (and you should) you probably know I am madly in love with his gorgeous little elf Tera. So when the opportunity arose to do a set involving her, well I simply couldn't pass up the chance. To be honest, I think I prefer his version over mine. Cuz, well, he makes her the way she is supposed to look being his character and all. Check out his site at and compare for yourself.

So this set took a bit longer than usual. Think I will always end up bitching about that. Can never get them done soon enough. Whatever. My peeve this time is I kept on epically failing on lighting. Honestly have no fucking clue why I had so many problems with it. Was one thing after another. And it got to be pretty goddamn annoying cuz usually my lighting goes rather quickly. In the end it just required lots and lots of postwork to remedy. So we have the original render that got turned into this. And of course there was also the sidetracks I got sucked into. Take for instance the Zebra. It is in one pic, and pretty much adds nothing to the fappability of the set. How long did I spend on the Zebra? That's right, a day and a fucking half. I shall write a book - How to Focus on Pointless Minutiae: A Guide to Epic Failure. Unbelievable. But on the plus side it is done and has lots of pretty colors. Oh and monster sex. Some of that too.

Nyoko Short Hair by Daz3D (no longer available)
ADS Dungeon Door by LukeA (no longer available)


Zafo said...

Good job Mongo!
I love how lightning turn out in the end, especilly since mine lightning allways comes
out crapy and im never satified with it.

Cryotek said...

Is any artist ever truly satisfied with their work? It's what keeps you guys striving to always be better ^_^

TheMadMonk said...

Goat boy is just one baaaaaadddd ass.
Okay sorry, couldn't resist.
She's pretty hot too.
I feel your pain when it comes to lighting. In the few forays I've made into 3D rendering I have frequently had problems when trying to light interior scenes. Especially when you use all of the little so called advanced settings that would "should" make a light source act like a real effing light source. I.E. dropping by the square of the distance instead of a gradual fade.
But then again a friend of mine pointed out that the reason that motion pictures and television shows look so good (Which in a way we are trying to emulate) is because they rely on a TON of extra lighting that has absolutely nothing to do with whats being depicted in the scene as the only light source.
Have to admit he was right,
Well love the new stuff.

krassomat said...

well ofc you're right about the zebra adding nothing to the set's fappability,
but still it turned out very cute and somewhat witty looking.
looks as if it was reading the scroll over Tera's shoulder :)
the pic's not really hot but prolly my fave in this set anyway

Bob Arctor said...

The zebra reminds me of a featurette I watched on a movie called "Twelve Monkeys".

In one particular scene, illustrious director Terry Gilliam wanted to symbolize the futility of the protagonist's struggles by having a hamster running in its wheel in the background. The hamster, of course, didn't feel like obliging, and so it kept starting and stopping at random. The director refused to give up, and forced the crew to keep trying, take after take.

What's the problem, you ask? Well, in this particular scene Bruce Willis had to use a syringe to draw his own blood. Every... single... take.

krassomat said...

great director, great movie...
funny story. ouch though :)

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