Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Continuing Adventures of Random News


So first thing is a new (at least to me) website to check out. These guys contacted me last week about sharing links. And me always being happy to promote other people's stuff, bring you news of it to you! They primarily do animated vids and the like. VERY toony and stylized, so it's a nice change of pace. Plus they make their own models (cuz they're talented like that) so they got their own unique look. In any case, drop by and give them a look!

Bretonnia Knight Flash Game
In another bit of news, a very creative Russian programing guy made a little flash game out of some of my Lady Katherine pics. Now he originally did it in Russian (being Russian and all). And then Google translated it into God's Language (that would be English btw). So it's a bit... rough in some parts. Still pretty good though!

Project Bellerophon
And sadly it seems that the SpaceFleet Trek Wars comic is on indefinite hiatus. Apparently Bellerophon (the artist formerly known as Project Nemesis) was so balls-out crazy as to actually make her/his (I will never be convinced) at work on their badass computer. And yes, of course the inevitable finally happened. No, she didn't get found out and fired. Geez! You people, always thinking the worst! She just got a better job. So no more awesome computer at a cakewalk job with plenty of freetime and her own office. Perhaps she'll pick it up again sometime. Until then, drop by her site and give her a wave.


Zafo said...

Oh yea those assholes...
2 weeks ago they spamed their link on evry thread on my blog with out my permission.
I would stay away from them if i were you.

3dgspot said...

That wasn't us sorry. That was one of our overzealous fans. We had a contest that if people posted our photos on their own tumblr or facebook they could get created as a character in one of our videos. He went outside of the rules.

Again our apologies. I promise we are not assholes.

3dgspot said...

Thank you Mondo for the intro. Zafo if there is anything we can do to make it right, let us know.


TheMadMonk said...

Once again Mongo I have to agree with your train of thought.

The guys at 3dgspot seem to be a fun bunch. Personally I enjoy the obvious "Toon" style because it allows the artist to do a few over-the-top things that just don't work as well when you try to depict the same scenario in a more lifelike situation.

I ran into some of their stuff while 'on patrol', where as I have mentioned before I troll the various sites that offer Deposit File links and the like to download material for free even though it was ripped off from a pay site.
God I hate assholes who do that.

Anywho, after I get done paying off the bills this month for my overly expensive vacation I plan on subscribing to them as well.

Plus I find their "Mrs. Doe" a complete hoot. From the stuff I have seen so far she my favorite of theirs so far.

If you guys (3dgspot) are reading this I wonder, where is Mr. Doe?
Is he a strong virile stud who doesn't mid sharing his nymphomaniac wife or a couch potato who hasn't servicing the girl properly hence her need for outside entertainment.
A friend of mine mentioned a third possibility, that she is a widow who literally fucked her hubby to death.
In any case me and the gang would love to see the frisky Doe in an airtight gang bang some day.
Well guys please keep up the excellent work

TheMadMonk said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I go on 'patrol' to let people like you and the guys at 3dgspot to know they are being ripped. Unfortunately sites like deposit files will only take down copyrighted material only after a complaint is made by someone who can prove he is the owner of said material. Bunch of suck ass leeches.

3dgspot said...

Thank you MadMonk! Whenever we or one of our fans on patrol lets us know we do try to get our stuff off of the rip sites. It is just because it costs so much and takes so much time, and we owe it to our members who do pay to make sure not everyone gets to see the fun stuff. As for stills and such, we don't mind those getting out so much it is just the obvious full videos that are not the previews.

As for Mr. Doe... I asked the same question myself the other day. Honestly I don't think we have a true answer yet. I think we are leaving it a mystery at this point in case we ever want to introduce him. My personal vote is that he is still alive and she is just such a voracious sex addict that she cannot stop herself and either her husband is blind and old or doesn't care about her outside activities.

On a side note we are rendering out a new Mrs. Doe "appliance store" as we speak. It is a long one, 13 minutes and will include work by our brand new Jizzmaster General.

Again Mongo and MadMonk, thank you for the gracious welcomes.


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