Friday, August 17, 2012

Starcraft: Breeding Nova

And finally! The second part of the Starcraft sets. 20 pics of our favorite bitchy Ghost captured by the Zerg, pumped full of alien drugs, and given a good hard fucking. Available at my Zergilicious paysite - And the set download is free for members for the next month(-ish)!

Wow. And here I thought I was gonna be done on Wednesday. Was tons and tons of postwork though. Lots of color corrections, selections, and layer effects. Came out very colorful. Is it true Zerginess? Naw. Do I care? Fuck no. Not anymore at least. I'm satisfied with the way it came out, so it's all good. But I do have to say I'm done with sci-fi blondes for a couple weeks. The are lovely and beautiful, but I need a break. So looks like Tera and the Goat Demon are next!

Oh! And on a side-note regarding sci-fi stuff. Total Recall. Wow. Hard to believe they made a movie so shitty that the original Schwarzenagger version was better. I mean how is that possible? It was "Total Recall" meets "Journey to the Center of the Earth" meets "I, Robot" meets complete and utter suck. I probably should have mentioned how bad it was a couple weeks ago (I went to see it opening day). It might have saved some of you a little bit of misery. Seriously, how the fuck did they come up with that plot? A tunnel thru the center of the earth?! Just a quick reminder, earth's core runs a balmy 5000C/10,000F and has about 3.5 MILLION atmospheres of pressure. So they can build something like that and they are fucking worried about bio-plague? Ugh. Only good parts were Beckinsale striding about gun-in-hand with a determined look. But really if you've seen any of the Underworld films you've already seen that a zillion times. And was kinda funny that they combined the roles of Sharon Stone and Michael Ironside into one. Still sucked though. Horribly. I want my 2 hours back!

DejaVu Hair by FK Designs (no longer in business apparently)
Phenotypes 004: Scythe by Sanctum Art (no longer available)
Darkseal's Anthromeat by Darkseal (it is available!)


krassomat said...

same here!

VenusKnows said...

Yum, downloading the set now :) Been looking forward to this and the teaser above is looking real good.

Thanks again Mongo, for allowing us to provide ideas, and thank you sooo much for 'doing' Nova :D

Edit - Should of just let the comment there ><

Now that I've gone through the set, I must say I really enjoyed this set. Love the ideas and correlations towards the story. << You just had to put in marines at the end :P >>

Was surprised she submitted so quickly only to realize there was a plan brewing :)

VenusKnows said...

facial expression on 16... blissful. To summarize... thoroughly satisfying set that covered all the bases :D

Muddy said...

You know what always jumps out at me about your work, it's the camera angles...
I mean, the work is top shelf, but it's the angles you get that always blow me away. I just don't see anyone use them like you do!

ghom said...

You've outdone yourself MB!! I just can't wait to see what you do next

TheMadMonk said...

Very nice set. I especially love #14 (I think that's the one) where the bug is injecting her (with his other stinger) and her eyes are practically rolled up to the back of her head. The look reminds me of a porn star named Anna Malle (Who sadly died in a car crash years ago.) I had the pleasure of meeting her a few times when she was on the dance circuit. She was one of the few women I've ever had the pleasure to see that she was actually a whole lot sexier in person than on the screen. Anyway Ann had a habit of doing the same thing with her eyes when she came. Sexy as hell.

Anonymous said...

Soo sexy like always, i need a new credit card ( i was hacked O_รณ lose lke 1000 )

Anonymous said...

I think its safe to say the only bad thing about this set is that it ended so quickly >_<!

Great set!

krassomat said...

some tough action! Nova is beautiful.
i personally don't like the injections,
but regarding the zerg's dangeous looking anatomy
everything went quite well & no harm done :)

Anonymous said...

nice work

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