Saturday, August 11, 2012

Starcraft: Nova Solo

The first of a pair of Starcraft sets. Why? Well cuz I didn't want you to go without an update for too long. So we have 17 pics of the lethally sexy Nova Terra putting on a solo show. Available of course at the paysite -, and members get the set download for free for the next month!

Right. So if you read the comments from the previous post you may have noticed that I ran into some problems with the Nova/Zerg set. Namely the fact that I wasn't happy with the amount of zerginess. Well I wasted a bunch of time trying to make something new, until I got over my bad self and just accepted the scene the way it was. But I didn't want y'all to have to sit around with nothing to wank to cuz I was indecisive. So I whipped up a quickie solo "filler" set. Not exactly like the Nova from the game. But hey, it's my take on her. Artistic license and all that. :-P

And I have developed a certain fondness for Nova. Not least of which is cuz she is voiced by one of my favorite voice actresses of all time. Though I am liking Kerrigan from the trailers to Heart of the Swarm too. Is actually almost making me want to pick up the game despite my distaste for RTS.

DejaVu Hair by FK Designs (no longer in business apparently)
The J-Suit by KooknFat (DAZ changed their website... again)
Skorpio Rising by Aery Soul (Weird. Thought their stuff wasn't for sale anymore.)
Retro-Futuristic Furniture by Coflek-Gnorg (Always say it, but best name EVAH!)


TheMadMonk said...

Hey, if your 'artistic license' allows you to create a babe this smokin' hot then I say "full steam ahead".

Love the outfit, especially the glove/gauntlets and the boots. Okay I'll admit that it is probably because in my twisted little mind is because they look as if with a little high tech sorcery by an evil bad guy (or two) they could be used as bondage gear against our hapless heroine instead of the nifty armor she was counting on to protect her.

Also being something of a leg and ass man that backside of hers, especially when she is bent over the map table, just begs to be, used, abused and plundered.

And while I'm not really a huge girl on girl freak (though I have nothing against it especially if there are a few lucky studs thrown in) any chance of either Nova or Jenny falling through a worm hole and 'bumping' into each other???

Can not wait to see this lovely creature 'in action!!!'

VenusKnows said...

I will confess I’ve been refreshing you homepage three times a day all week waiting for an update, like I little kid. Am I disappointed that it’s a solo set? Honestly, not so much (Don’t tell anyone, Venus prefers gorgeous hottie in very compromising position). I was really excited to hear you tackle this after being the one to ask for it :D

The first pic you linked did get me worried a bit but it’s honestly not bad at all. It reveals the character in some interesting ways. She still looks bad-ass and the face does give off a “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?” feel.
Love the look and can’t wait for more. One thing
I did notice was the size of that zipper, its cause Human Marines in StarCraft have enormous hands and arms, right? Ok ok Zerg first :P

Ah btw, I should still have a guest pass for Starcraft 2 if you want? I’m more than happy to part with it if you want to have a look at the game.

krassomat said...

hawt gal.
never played starcraft but maybe i should have...
i especially like pix 5 (sweet!)
and 7 (that kinda angry look of hers just turns me on).
looking forward to see Nova having enemy contact!

Anonymous said...

I have a question. If i join your site the sets are free for the next month from the date of the post or really the next month (august => septemper) ?

Thanks to answer.

MongoBongo said...

@MadMonk - LOL don't think the universe could handle Nova & Jenny at the same time.

@VenusKnows - I'll pass on the SC2 pass. That doctor chick was way too annoying just from watching the cutscenes. But if you get one to Heart of the Swarm.... tentacle ponytail Kerrigan... mmmmmm....

@Krassomat - Glad you like!

@Anon - Month from the date of post. Give or take. It's never really exact.

TheMadMonk said...

Actually Sir, I think the universe might survive such an encounter, however you may be partially correct in that your CPU's and 'Hard Drives' might have a serious meltdown if you attempted to render a scene with both of those hot digital vixens at the same time. :-}

TheMadMonk said...

Curious, What is it about a long zipper that runs down the entire front of a buxom beauty? Though what I was really curious about was which do you find sexier, a long zipper down the front like Nova is wearing or a tightly bound corset that is tantalizingly split down the front to display the sides of some beautifully compressed breasts begging to be slowly undone from their confinement as one slowly teasingly works their way down to the bottom of the corset?
Okay from my description I think you guy can figure out which side of the fashion fence I am on.
But I am curious to what our talented digital wizard thinks along with his rabid fans???

MongoBongo said...

It's not the wrapping that makes the difference, it's the present inside. :-P

Really though, can't say I have a preference either way. I just like whatever works for a scene or character at the time.

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