Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Legend of Korra

The Avatar is back! In celebration of the first season of the Legend of Korra we have this week's set. 28 pics of what should of happened if Korra got captured - I should so produce shows for Nickelodeon... or not. In any case, the set is available at my wonderful website - mongo-bongo-art.com. The download is of course free for members for the next month.

So after my mention of Azula and Diablo3 I decided to checkout what was going on with the new Avatar series. It's a bit different from the first one. It's good, but I think they kinda forgot that it's supposed to be a kids show. Half the characters are 40+. Which is kinda weird cuz in most cartoons character usually max out at 30, or are just super old. Okay, occasionally there is the "grizzled veteran guy" but still. Whatever. It's still entertaining. And Korra is a great character - brash super-jock chick. Nice change from the typical fare.

V4 Buccaneer by Ravenhair (guess which useless company still doesn't have vendor pages)
Edison Vice by Baron Vlad Harkonnen
RocketCorps by Himmeljager (no longer available)
TOA Legendary by Linda Sweet & Frances Coffill
DAZ's Opera House by DAZ? (apparently no longer available)
Amon Equality Poster by David Leiberg


kombl kaurn said...

Wow I really have to give you props on creativity! I've been wanting to do Korra for a while but couldn't find a satisfactory hair solution. I also love the little details and your textures, you inspire me!

MongoBongo said...

Well thnx! Always nice to get a comment. Especially one with props! Definitely liking your stuff as well. (Kombl's awesome work can be seen at Hentai-Foundry and Deviant Art.)

Anonymous said...

You caught her clothing very very well.

Anonymous said...

Love, love this set mb! Hope you do more like it

Anonymous said...

Si are these pictures from a bigger video or game i really want to know please.

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