Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Faerie and the Frog

Wait. Wtf is this?! Monster sex porn in my blog? Yeah, I know LOL. In any case, ahhh... summer. A nice leisurely day of lounging by a sun-dappled pond, watching butterflies, and fucking a fairy or a frog. Or something like that. A 17 pic set this week chock full of fairy fun. (Cue smarmy salesman voice) And the download is free for members for the next month. All this (and more!) at my fairyliciously magical website - mongo-bongo-art.com.

So this set is all due to Epoch. Well kinda. It's summer and I wanted to do something "summery" for a set. So I was trading emails with Epoch and he keyed me in on some great tutorials by Bagginsbill. Turns out this guy knows one or two things about Poser cuz... well, he helped create it (as Epoch pointed out, his name is right there in the opening credits). So anyway there were some great tips on water and I just had to try them out (with some personal tweaks). Plus wanted something kinda bright, colorful, and summer-like. So we got a fairy... getting it on with a frog... in a pond. What's more summery than that?

One thing that did kill me with this set was the rendering time. Ray-traced reflections EVERYWHERE. Even on the frog's skin. Notice them? Yeah, neither did I. Total waste of rendering time there, LOL. But the rest of it looks pretty sweet if I do say so myself. And I do. Say that. ANYWAY. So each pic took like 3-5 hours to render. Which was just crazy. But do like the way the water came out. Y'all can fap to the fairy. But that water... ooohhh.... gnnnhhh!... yeeeahhh.... It's a rendering thing. :-P

Alice 4.0 by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar)
Simply Wings 8 by Jury Mikheyev (some really great free wings)
Infinity Cove 3.1 Water Cove by Colm & Syyd (custom shader on the water though)


Zafo said...

I was doing somehting similar.
I even got my fairy and toad ready.
O well...
Good job on the set.

MongoBongo said...

As if there could be too many fairies and frogs?

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