Friday, July 13, 2012


So while the next set is busy rendering, I started browsing thru my idea list. And realized it's already halfway done. And that simply will not do! So figured I'd trawl you lot for more ideas. Basically stuff for new sets. Ideally something new and different! Ideas that will challenge and intrigue. Something more than just "Alice and Troll - Take 2". Now if it were Alice & Troll who is in evil clown make-up and they are in a radioactive reactor, that would be something different (note - that will never become a set).

You can give me ideas for characters we've already seen, or brand new ones. Either way, keep the submissions short and sweet. (Female) + (Partner/s) having (type of sex) in (location). And then maybe a second sentence with any clarifications and/or twists. (Example: Krikka and a Lord and Lady having a threesome in a carriage. After Krikka has robbed them as a Highwayman.) See? Brief, concise, to-the-point. I seriously do not want a huge story or a long tedious description of your MMO character. If I'm not sold with the first two sentences, more are just gonna bore me to tears. Sorry. :-( ... If I need more details, I will ask. We are just brainstorming rough ideas here! So go ahead and fire away.

Also... who is this dashing handsome fellow? What (or who) is he going to be doing? Enquiring minds want to know!


Faro09 said...

Gwen Stacey and the Lizard, forced sex in the school presumably after he has taken out spider-man. (From the new spider-man movie btw.)

CyCaDeLiC said...

Tia Halibel (Bleach) as a slutty waitress and three+ Hollows as her customers having a gangbang in a shady underground club. Takes place after she offered the hollows a special free drink at the bar.

Hollows example picture:

sumuner said...

Have you done any set with that young lovely on your blog mast? I'd like to see a story develop around her!

tentahenta said...

From the spiderman comics The black cat getting it rough from carnage or venom. Im sure you can do something awesome with a symbiot suit that can form and adapt to anything.

MongoBongo said...

Oooh.. Good ideas! Keep 'em coming!

@Faro09 - Like that one. We might get a slight overload of green scalies, but will definitely have to add that to the "do soon" list.

@CyCaDeLiC - Halibel is a great idea. Might not go the "slutty waitress" route, but will def do something with her. Have developed a recent fondness dark-skinned hotties.

@Sumuner - LOL. Funny you should mention her. *Goes back to setting up the next pose for rendering* ;-)

@Tentahenta - Been pondering how to do that whole gooey/slime effect in Poser for a long while. Not so much the texture (which would be relatively easy), but the whole sticky strand look. Have so so SO MANY ideas I could use that for.

moridinhentai said...

From the movie "Your highness": a princess (Zoey Deschanel in the movie) getting fucked by an evil wizard while chained to an altar, in a ritual that's making him more and more dragon-like with each trust.

Luxpulcher said...

Some ideas:
1. Seen this mentioned before in the comments but: Wonder Woman and Krypto, Greek background, consensual and wild!
2. Werewolf and monster huntress, dark forest.
3. Minotaur and Amazon, maze background.
4. Catwoman and Man-bat, rooftop at night.
5. Red Sonja and monster(??)

geos_omega said...

Tala from Darkwatch (old ps2 game) getting fucked by a werewolf who has two dicks. He fucks her in the ass and pussy simultaneously. Setting: demonic altar on a stone slab. I'd also love to see a creampie. You do those so well.

Example pic of Tala:

Zafo said...

I want you to make your version of my Tera and
make her have sex with somekinda bull/goat demon :)

helltoro said...
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helltoro said...

Selene with a group werewolf
Bloodrayne and monster
demon hunter and monster (diablo)

Tipler said...

The Lizard above is : A alien = Just landed on a golf course.
Golfer (female), hit him in the eye with a golf ball by mistake. (Come on. You have to admit those eyes of him look alot like oversized golf balls)
He takes revenge.

Emma Frost (White Queen, Marvel) vs. Apocalypse.
Dance floor of the Hellfire Club.

Rosselito has made a picture of her being semitransparent and Apo's giant cock deep inside her. Think with your experience for internal shots that could be a ew challange.

Anonymous said...

Selene with a werewolf nice

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the Gorn?

Kantus said...

Ever play Skyrim?

Female Elf highwayman jumps blonde Nord woman on horseback. Elf demands Nord give her all her gold, makes her strip then demands the Nord have sex with her - then they both have sex with the horse.

MongoBongo said...

More good ideas!

The vampire chick + werewolf theme seems to be a popular one. It's a bit fringe, but I do like the Tala one alot - sexy slutty old west Native American shaman vampire = awesome. Might have to consider tossing Cassidy in there too.

@moridinhentai - That is a great idea. I don't think I'd use Deschanel as a character though. But the the general idea is fantastic!

@Luxpulcher - Red Sonja is always a good one. Have some general ideas for a character like her in the future. Kryto/WW though.... No. Honestly I just cannot do a set featuring a dog with a cape. It's just such a derivative character. "We have Superman. Let's give him a SuperDog!" *facepalm* I'd sooner do a ScoobyDoo set then Krypto. Sorry.

@Zafo - Tera. Goat Demon. Check! Hmm... Tough choice, fantasy Tera or sci-fi Tera... *ponders*

@Tipler - Yeah Rosselito did a great pic with that one. And while it would be fun to do a transparent glass chick with tons of refractions, don't I'd go with Emma Frost. Her character is just so over-the-top "evil blonde skank" that she doesn't interest me. Plus everytime I think of her I think of Greg Land (the most productive and yet worst comic book artist to ever have been employed). But do like the transparent idea!

@Anon - Indeed sir! You have a good eye for dashing handsome fellows... :-P

@Kantus - Nope never played it. Interesting idea though!

Anonymous said...

Wonder woman and Krypto. Im sure there was quite a few request for it after Tifa and Red Xiii (hell a second Red Xiii set would make people happy).

The comic that most refer to is Krypto injured and wonder woman heals him ni a machine and Krpto inturns wants to thank wonder woman (personally).

I also remeber you also saying you liked your wonderwoman model from eariler

MongoBongo said...

Nooooooooo! No Krypto! Bad dog!

Wonder Woman & Cerebus could work though. 3-headed guard dog of Hades. Has the whole Greek mythology thing going on. Yes me likes.

Anonymous said...

MongoBongo: Well, when i saw this thread/post, i was going to suggest WW/Krypto as well, but as i see... Beaten to it. While the idea of WW with Cerberus/Minotaur or other myth creatures is nice, there's just more context and more sense to her with Krypto, which i guess is why people suggested it. By your comments, i guess you don't read the comics or know much about the two to see how it weirdly/kinkily makes sense... I don't mean to offend, but your dislike of the idea seems more reactionary than based on knowledge. Too bad.

MongoBongo said...

You are correct sir! My knowledge of Krypto is indeed limited and it's just a gut-based reaction. Consequently, I have done a brief amount of research on the super dog with a cape in order to "edumacate" myself. What I discovered SHOCKED me! (In best Uncle Deckard voice) It seems there was/is also a Super Cat... a Super Horse... and yes, even a fucking Super Monkey. This! This is why I can't stand the idea of Krypto the Super Dog. :-P

Now let us move on from lame super animals.

Tantracel said...

Have you ever played GuildWars? Three of the main characters were pretty hot (Devona, Eve and Cynn) and the game feature a race of beastpeople called Charr, cat type monsters. If one of girls was fighting the Charr, but was defeated and then used as a play thing, that would be pretty cool. Plenty of other beasts in the game that were unique and would work well too if you want to avoid giant cat monsters :)

Anonymous said...

Princess Leia+ Jabba!!!!

achilles said...

April O'Neill + Rocksteady in her apartment. He breaks in when she is getting changed, at first she is reluctant but then, later, she is very into it.

Zafo said...

Make a Ninjacyber girl have sex with zombie camell.... underwater.

Ghost said...

1) Catwoman( or Harley Quinn) + batman / he arrested she in Gotham street. (handcuff and face on car =) )
2) Demon Hunter (diablo 3) and zombie in monastery
3) Witch doctor (diablo 3) and demon in jungle

Anonymous said...

Top of my list would be spiderwoman and spawn, oh I can only imagine the 'conflict' there.

Would love to see your blood elf again :).

Surprised no-one mentioned Nova from Starcraft, now that would be heavenly, perhaps throw in a few hydras for fun or perhaps just rely on the queen :*)

Whatever you decide looking forward to it... is that a Gorn? Planing to abuse a certain blonde again?

Anonymous said...

Sorry you mentioned feel and scene... hmm

Spider woman I'd have pinned to the side of a skyscraper with the city in the background, as for what Spawn plans to do... :)

Blonde blood elf sandwiched between two kodos... I kid I kid... but two trolls?

Nova in the zerg hive! The possibilities...

// Sorry for the double post

Ghom said...

definitely feeling the blizzard vibe.

Would love to see the sorc or DH from D3 getting done by some beastie.

Couldn't go wrong with Nova either

Anonymous said...

A Draenei female raped in Durotar by orcs and ogrees, in front of the warchief

Cryotek said...

lol Zafo that was priceless! :P

Well I already tossed out the idea of Wrex and Female Shephard from Mass Effect 3. :)

Other thoughts:

Dark Beast & Blink from Marvel's Age of Apocalypse. He could catch her, lock her into restraints on an examination table before having sex with her.

From Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2. The Eldar Farseer Idranel trying to fight off a monstrous Tyranid (a Carnifex perhaps) in the jungle before it has sex with her.

A Bugbear having sex with a drow in a bar on a table (before you ask, yes it's come up in our D&D campaign lol).

Satele Shan from Star Wars the Old Republic getting caught by a wookie in the forest while she's trying to ambush Sith.

So there's a few ideas for you to mull over. :)

sumuner said...

Anon mentioned spawn. As awesome as that would be to see spawn get his supernatural freak on, mongobonbo and anyone else should be warned. Todd McFarland (sp?) will slap a lawsuit on you faster than you can say "chapel is a beast!" That was the mistake that svarog made back in the early days of 3dx. Now his xxxplace is just a ghostsite...

Anonymous said...

Anon would not want that to happen, scratch that idea...

That is so a Gorn.

pebbo said...

Cerebus doing a hot female (Aphrodite)in Hades. After all, the God of Hades had her in hades for 4 out of every 12 months as a deal struck with Zues!

Unknown said...

1) Vette gangbanged by mandalorians in a ship or space station
2) Any of your girls with a centaur or two, dragons are good as always too.

Anonymous said...

Abandoned and left to die on a Zerg infested world a small group of marines decide to enjoy their last moments at a famous ghost's expense. Ah hell throw in a medic for extra measure :)

Gang-banged senseless before the Zerg storm the place, kill the marines and have their way with the two afterward.

Anonymous said...

I think i got the perfect idea for your Art!

princess fiona ( Human form) whit shrek.

The first kiss didnt work so Shrek has do something else to break the curse.

and after that you chould try some disney story again. Like yasmin and genie. Alice and the hatmaker.
Or some female knight or female priest get caught by orks

Anonymous said...

1.Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail) and Taurus or/and Caprico or/and Scorpio, thankful sex or contract side sex or evil magic rape.
2.Leah/DH/F monk/Eirena/F Wiz (diablo 3) and M Barb/M Monk/Kormak/Lindon/Banch of Fallens/Fallen Dogs/Deckard Cain, any thing.

Anonymous said...

Kate Beckinsale (Selene) and werevolf from Underworld .. very nice!

atkinson said...

He is Gorn (TOS):
I'd like see your version, Mongo!

Anonymous said...

You just made my brain explode. Why didn't I think of that scenario? Also lizardmen are some of my favorite beasts to pair with pretty women.. word is they are doubly endowed!

As for ideas, I can suggest all matter of monster persuasion as that's my favorite but...

Try for something abstract? Not so much tentacles, but have an Alucard and Areas Victoria scene where he teaches her about the unleashed demon form with demon dog shadow familiars , tendrils, and miasma. Of course she is overwhelmed... The poor police girl.

Too dark?

Anonymous said...

Diablo 3's

female Demon Hunter and Leah getting it on, with a group of Demons/Zombies/Goatmen/Cultists joining in later, in a cave. Consensual.

Leah getting "corrupted" by the seven evils within the black soulstone.

Female Demon Hunter violated by goatmen/cultists and ends up enjoying it, in forest or dungeon.

Cydaea getting double teamed by templar and barbarian in a fiery dungeon environment. Consensual.

Deckard Cain giving it hard to Maghda, in a room with dead cultists piled in one corner.Ends with her being fucked silly. Nonconsensual on Maghda's part.

Emper...scratch that.

Anonymous said...

Egypt, may be?

Anonymous said...

Diablo 3 art PLEASE! :)
Leah in her Prime evil form (futa) fucking a Demon Huntress.
Wud luv u for that! <3

Anonymous said...

Nevermind Spawn, Venom doing Spider Woman, oh yes please!
It def not gonna be consensual but yeah!

Anonymous said...

Hello. (I am What do you think about this ideas? (my english is horrible):

- Serie of pictures/short story:
CHARACTERS: Girl cosplayer with a costume of DARTH TALON (red sith twi´lek)+ group of guys with some tipe of OLD WARRIORS costume(vikings, spartans...)

CONTEXT: Waiting room, before a cosplay exibition.
PROCESS: 1ºGirl try to adjust guys costumes beltings (she could ofer it, lascibius, they could demand it). 2º She enjoy with the guys bodies, excited. 3º Her body paintig black tattoos be erased/ruined. 4º The guys paint it again betwen all of them, by all her body, catching her , to avoid she could move. She is excited/ashamed,embarrassed, and she see how the guys coks are erecting during the process. They begging to touch her parts lascibiusly, and her fell how they scratch their erected cocks against her body.
5º GRUPAL ORGY. 6º Extra ending: Guys go away of the room, and a new group of cosplayer guys arrive, discovering her fucked and xsausted, in the ground, seminaked... ¿A new beguinning?.
I think it could be a good story for your artistic stile (and Zzomp´s stile too).

Anonymous said...

E,LARA, the elf girl of Hunted the Demon forge + Annuvin (or any other big monster of the game. Chained or controled by magic spells, with SERAPHINE (The another girl of the game) controling the monster or directing the sex act.

ksennin said...

Let me add an endorsement for the idea of Wonder Woman and Cerberus. Triple-headed in more than a way? Ties in with some stuff I am doing myself.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a set based off of the only woman in history to be surrounded by mutated animals as if it were normal...April O'Neil. I was thinking that she could either be captured by Rocksteady and Bebop who decide to have some fun with her or let the entire world know exactly how much all four turtles really feel about her in that tight-ass yellow jumpsuit of hers.

Anonymous said...

-diablo III Demon Hunter girl or/+ wizard girl + diablo III demons (thousand of options)

-E´lara, the elf girl of Hunted: The Demon´s Forge + diferent monsters of Demon´s Forge or/+ Caddoc or/+ Seraphine (the another girl). (Hot girls in leather, a big warrior and a lot of monsters... better impossible!!!!)

- A crossover betwen the two previous options.

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