Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WarCraft: Blood Elf & Tauren

Yay! Finally done. And a long-time coming at that. Been about 4 months since this set was originally suggested. LOL. Yeah been busy with other ideas. In any case, a sexy Belf getting it on with a Tauren that's hung like... well duh. So 30 pics of good wholesome WarCraft sex available at my fantasticly wonderful website - mongo-bongo-art.com. And of course the set download is free for members for the next month.

Enjoyed doing this set. Making the characters was the best part. Couldn't decide on the outfit for the elf chick. Was originally gonna go with the one in the first pic. But that seemed just a bit too "adventurey". Tried another one that just seemed a bit too slutty. And while there is nothing wrong with slutty elf chicks (really how could there be?), I was aiming for something a touch classier. And so we got the dress in the second pic. Okay I guess it's relative.

Oh and if that dress in the first pic looks a bit familiar, it's cuz it's based on an outfit by Hyung-Tae Kim for Manga Carta. Who is Hyung-Tae Kim you ask? Well only one of my favorite artists! He utterly kicks ass and is right up there next to Masamune Shirow in my list of favorites. And interestingly enough, Mr Kim is also working on a new MMO called Blade & Soul. Kinda meh about the gameplay thing (already did the Asian fantasy game with Perfect World), but the outfits and characters are completely based on Kim's art. Which is... well... just fucking awesome.

In other video game related news, I finally beat Diablo in Hardcore mode with my wizard.... and then promptly died in Act 1 in Nightmare mode. Freaking elites with their arcane death beams. Worst part is I know how to deal with those - run thru the beam, not away from it. But what did I do? Ran away from it of course. Sigh. Idiot.

A3 Horsey by specs2 (freebie!)
Celestial Armor by Valandar
Retro-Futuristic Furniture by coflek-gnorg (still the greatest name evah!)


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, that looks as good as you enjoyed making it no doubt, I do hope we get to see her again :). Really nice set.

Cryotek said...

Awesome set Mongo, you did amazing! Think this set finally replaced Tifa & Red as my favorite set. :D

And yes it would be cool to see her again. ^_^

Trantacel said...

The Tifa / Red set is still my favourite (and hope one day it gets a revisit with some of the other girls from FFVIII), but this is an absolutely great piece of work MB!

Anonymous said...

I have a question. What do i get if i join the website? Can i see old stuff too like Tifa & Red or just the new GCs?
I am confused because there is a extra download place at your site.And you allways say, free for members for the "next month"

MongoBongo said...

@Anon - Yeah the site is set up as a gallery where you can view ALL the sets. If you absolutely need to download higher resolution versions of the pics so you can have them forever and ever, you can for $2 per set. But the newer sets are completely free to download for the first month. Like a reward to current members and all that.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Thanks for the answer.
I like your Art, i like your stil, i like the way how you work.... i think i will Join and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Going to buy this set to support and hope to see more BElfs !

Rocky Hosseini said...

Join 3dgspot there are lots of videos games and pictures and download wallpapers.

Rocky Hosseini said...

Also find them on facebook Mind cutter


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