Monday, June 11, 2012

Devonna the Succubus

It's hard to go wrong with a sexy red demoness. And this week's set is Devonna the Succubus doing what succubi do best - seducing hapless mortals (ie. you). A nice little solo set of 16 pics of demonic lust and all that kinda stuff! Available at, and members get to download the set for free for the next month!

Right. So like just about everybody else in the world, Diablo has sunk his claws into me and is making my life an unproductive hell. Was working on another set when I realized that I just wasn't going to be able to complete it in a decent time frame and make it as quality as I wanted it to be. So figured I'd just bust out a quick filler set i the meantime. Started rendering up the Succubus, really liked the character, and got more and more into it. So instead of some quick character shots, ended up doing some scenes with complex lighting, nifty procedural effects, and some full-blown outfits. So much for the "quick filler" idea! So long renders, and of course some chapters of D3 here and there in between.

And just gotta say, I am pretty impressed with D3. They did a damn good job of keeping in the spirit of the last game, not to mention making it just as addictive. And it's already spawned some set ideas - Leah, Witch Doctor, Zombie Dogs, Gargantuan, 'nuff said. So yeah, started with a Wtich Doctor first. Was fun, got him up to 35th, but something was missing. Needed an adrenaline rush from playing, so started doing Hardcore. Tried a Demon Hunter first. He died around 12th as I got used to the class. Tried another one, but a chick this time. LoL awesome dialogue. Total ice-cold bitch. Did pretty well, but got careless and started using Lyndon just to check out the dialogue interaction. Oops... Time to start a new character. So went with a Wizardess. And immediately fell in love. Same voice actress as Azula from Avatar the Last Air-Bender. Take every great action chick you know of, distill them down, and then take that essence of pure awesome and mold it into the female form of a neurotic sociopathic villain and you'll have Azula. So that's a huge plus for the class. Also the fact that it's incredibly adaptable class and meshes well with my play-style makes it nice too.

And while we are on the topic of Blizzard games, here's the scenery for the next set I'm working on. Keep in mind though, WoW is apparently a very a dangerous and exceedingly violent game (according to the news - which is ALWAYS right... right?). Seems that Swedish whacko that went on a killing spree played ALOT of WoW. Like 8 hours a day or something. So if you play WoW, you will end up becoming a mass murderer too. Just FYI.

Alice by AerySoul (see Alfaseed for similar)
Portia Hair by AprilYSH (still no vendor pages at Daz... douchebags.)
Masquerade's Eve by AerySoul (see Alfaseed for similar)
Bone Candlestick by Andi3d (some great freebies!)
Drapery Pack by Traveler (moar free!)


Cryotek said...

That's some nice scenery ;)

I think the Wizard was my favorite as well, perhaps we'll get to see a set of her facing off with Diablo? hehe

Trantacel said...

She is devilishly wonderful! Surely she should been corrupting a young maiden though ; )

Rocky Hosseini said...

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Rocky Hosseini said...

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