Thursday, June 21, 2012

Project Who?

So some of you may be familiar with Project Nemesis and the "Space Trek Fleet Wars" series of comics. Now this person claims to be female. Which as we all know can't possibly be true since chicks don't do CG porn. Right? But regardless of whether she is a hot London goth-chick artist, a fat lonely Midwest harridan with a smelly flange, or some giant sweaty mouth-breathing guy lurking in a basement (I'm voting this :-P), one thing remains - her work is goddamn awesome. Even if you aren't into sci-fi the art still rocks. Character design is unique and instantly recognizable. Stories are well-written and entertaining. And the series follows an on-going plot. Which is all nice, but on to the point of this post...

Project Nemesis is now known as Project Bellerophon and has moved to Tumblr. Apparently she got pissed at Blogspot (understandable) and bailed. So go check out her/his/it's new site filled with random ramblings, artsy updates, and a new comic release!


Rocky Hosseini said...

Join 3dgspot there are lots of videos games and pictures and download wallpapers.

Rocky Hosseini said...

Also find them on facebook Mind cutter

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