Monday, February 20, 2012

Warcraft: Dragon Slayers

EDIT - Reworked pic #25 (last pic above) as I wasn't happy with it. If you already downloaded the set, you can right click and save to get the new full-size version.

It's a rough life as a dragon. Sure, you are one of the most awesome fantasy critters in existence and you get to spend most of your day sleeping on a pile of treasure. But then suddenly out of the blue, a pair of blood-thirsty pointy-eared mammals come along and murder you for the thrill of it. Then to add insult to injury, after stealing all your belongings, they decide to have lesbian sex on your corpse. Okay, so the last part doesn't happen all that often, but still. In any case, new set is out! 31 pics of elfy girl-on-girl action that can be found at my paysite - As usual, you can buy the download, or just subscribe to view it.

Nice to do a pure fantasy set again. The girls are based on a pair of characters from some viewers of the blog. Liked the character concepts and decided to run with them! Have to say, I spent waaaayyy too long in the character creation phase though. Was intending to have this set done by Saturday, but just kept playing with them more and more. Especially the Death Knight. But really liked the way they turned out!

Hanyma Skin by AerySoul (see Alfaseed for similar)
Hear No Evil by Aery Soul (no longer available - see Alfaseed for similar)
Onslaught: Sisterhood by Alfaseed (name is getting kinda familiar)


Tipler said...

Nice set. Allways been a fan for fantasy settings.
Can't wait till next month then I can subscribe to your paysite again.

Just as a thought, dunno if that was a commission work or not, why not let the dragon come back to life and let him have his way with the two. They must be pretty spend after their lovemaking so they should be easy prey for him. And who knows, maybe they like becoming the sextoys for a dragon and his huge cock.

Will said...

Nice set as always MB, though this is one I'm going to skip on purchasing. I love the hot female on female action as much as the next guy but their eyes! their glowing expressionless lifeless eyes and to a lesser note their excessively over sized ears are enough of a turn off.

I don't mean to sound offensive or negative in anyway just giving my opinion.

I do agree with the first poster that the dragon should wake up from the dark slumbers of death and have his way with those two! (such character flaws such as the eyes and ears on your two hot female fantasy warriors could then be easily overlooked.)

As always looking forward for your next work, which I know is so soon too soon in fact to ask but I have to, when will it be? next week or in a couple of weeks? or no idea?

MongoBongo said...

LOL well Warcraft elves are Warcraft elves. Don't forget the ridiculous eyebrows either! But yeah, not every set is for everyone. So no worries!

Perhaps the next set will be more to your liking. Which should be out next week. Being weekly updates and all.

Anonymous said...

very very good job!, the blood elf looks very real like the game! Thanks!.

Arquebak said...

Going to have to second the request for a set with the dragon 'helping out' as it were. A dragon as a background pales in comparison to the fun that could be had with him as an active, willing particupant in the scene imo. still a good set tho!

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