Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random & DramaLama!!


First up we have Vizivius' site. A hidden gem that has been around for a long while. Saw the "Forbidden Temple" video about a year ago and was in awe. Professional grade animation, great models, crystal clear rendering. Top-notch stuff! As good or even better than Umemaro's stuff. So drop by and considering picking up one of the animations!


The next bit is for other renderers out there. Y'know, the types that actually produce stuff. Unlike you filthy parasite vermin who just view it! (Subscribe to my site btw. :-P - that was humor) In any case, Runtime has some awesome stuff lately. They have really stepped their game up. Exclusive modellers like the incredible superspecialawesome Alfaseed, Sixus1, Littlefox, Andi3d, MutedBanshee, and tons more (I am really doing them a disservice by not mentioning them all.) And the shit they have out has been consistently fantastic for awhile now. So if you are rendering, consider dropping by and getting some stuff. And surprisingly, no I am not getting paid or getting freebies to say this or anything like that. I just happen to be impressed with what they are putting out these days. Especially when at one point they were so close to going under (or something like that).


Ack! Knew I forgot something! In case you were lining under a rock, Fullytank is back. He is posting sets on Affect3d. And a new one is out! More of his sexy Elf Paladin getting pounded by horny well-hung werewolves. So drop by and give him some views, comments, and love. And keep an eye out for more of our favorite heroine being victimized by trolls, demons, and other denizens of the night.


The last bit is the DRAMA! Ok, it's more of a petty tantrum than anything else.

So yesterday I toss up a pic on Renderotica with a mention of my blog. Not the paysite, the blog. Couple hours I get an email from Shadoman (who is usually a rather cool and sane person). Seems that Rotica wants a link back. Well duh! Fair is fair. And of course I've always had a link to Rotica, seeing as they hold a special place in my heart as one of the first places I saw CG porn. So replied, yup got a link, np.

Get a reply back. Issue is that I've got my paysite referenced in the sig tag on the pic. And I get sent a link to Rotica policies. And they require a Rotica banner on the entrance page of any paysite... Umm yeah. Let's look back to the "fair is fair" part.

So I provide content for Rotica's free gallery, they don't give me any active links to my sites, and they DEMAND space on my main page? Oh fuck them! I could understand it if Rotica was the badass of the CG porn scene. If they influenced everything that happens. But they haven't been that for a good long time. Their Premiere gallery is no better than the free gallery (and in some cases worse). And artists get shit for views in their gallery. In one month, pics get more views here on my blog than I have in over two years on Rotica. It's like a fucking wasteland there.

Long and short of it is that the pic (and a few others) got pulled by Rotica staff. Add that to all my other issues with Rotica over the years. So I say, fuck them and their inbred community of circle-jerking fucktards (RAAAGGEEE!!!). :-P


Anonymous said...

For extra irony: you don't even have a permanent link to your own paysite from your own blog.

Sorry to hear Rotica's being a Rotard to you. (heh.)

JCD said...

Thanks for the link to Fullytank.


Will said...

Thanks for the updates MB. Yeah I also do not care all too much for 'Renderotica' have purchased a couple of things from them and have been disappointed they are a rip off IMO. (Now I know its not 'Renderotica' that I am directly purchasing from per-se but rather third-party vendors or whatever but their prices are a jip thanks to being coupled with 'renderotica' IMO)

It's funny the first time I purchased something from them the very next day I had received like almost 20 phishing calls and texts from obscure 'people' and 'companies' on how my credit-card was canceled, or suspended, or stolen, or over the limit, etc.

Now I'll admit my ignorance when I say I know next to nothing of the erotic 3d world that is more or less scattered over the Web but from what I have seen, MB you are still the best and a part of me wishes there were more people like you with their own unique pay-sites (I actually feel more comfortable subscribing to a clean pay-site than to a 'dirty' free site scattered and smeared with shit quality; though sadly a lot of pay-sites that I have been suckered into have been just that, shit.) and another part of me is somewhat glad for if there were more people like you with unique pay-sites with awesome 3d sets I would go broke purchasing all of this perversity LOL.

hzr said...

I am always torn between actually putting something up on Renderotica or not.

Overall quality strangely has gone down lately instead of risen up, even with so many new ways to render and even save time by doing so and being able to focus more on quality.

Also you got only very few people actually bothering to rate the images or give some decent feedback. There are so often images that get tons of votes and you wonder why, yet others barely have any views and those are looking way better in comparison.

Guess there are many reasons for that, but in short, I think the page is simply on the decline...

I still post there pretty frequently but I am usually very pissed when I see how little views those images actually generate after putting alot of time into creating them. I think my old thread on psuzy forums had more views than my images on 'Rotica combined ;)

Epoch said...

I got the same from 'rotica, but now that I've added a minibanner link, everything seems to be just fine. But my situation is different since my blog isn't a paysite, and what you say seems ludicrous; I can see your frustration. I completely agree in that they aren't the 'premiere' anymore, as they once were almost a decade ago. I, too, discovered CG pr0n from 'rotica and posted there quite a bit. But that was before they had that system failure where everyone lost everything they posted... ever. That was their death knell. That and when the took down the chat room. The site never really bounced back completely from the community it lost then. I used to get 20-30 comments on my images... after the crash, maybe a max of 5-6. It wasn't worth it to post there anymore, so I left. The only reason I started to try and maintain a presence there now is to maybe attract some new fans, but by and large most of my traffic comes from our little ring of erotic CG artists, so it isn't really that big of a deal to me.

Bottom line is, I agree with you 100% about that site. It is past its prime, but it does have a marketplace for certain products that you can't get anywhere else, so there's always that.

Oh, and AlfaseeD isn't exclusive to RDNA. They sell products under several names (and have) over the years: As Shanim & Silphael, Awful Soul, Aery Soul, and AlfaseeD. You can find their stuff at Daz3D, Renderosity, and RDNA. Mostly RDNA now, but that is because RDNA has the best merchant profit returns, so I hear.

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