Sunday, February 12, 2012

Resident Evil: Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day coming up (you did remember to get something didn't you?), figured that I'd take up a suggestion from a couple years ago and do a Jill Valentine set. Maybe not as romantic as most V-Day evenings, but hey it's Nemesis. He's a man (zombie? scientific monstrosity?) of few words and let's his actions speak for him... or something like that. So check it out! The full set of 26 pics can be found at my paysite - You can buy the download, or just subscribe to view it.

"But why Nemesis? It's always Nemesis!" you whine... err... you ask. Yes, you were asking that. Well first Nemesis is an utter badass alpha-zombie/thing, so he always gets top billing. Second (and surely less important) he's based on a bipedal human figure so he's much easier to create, to pose, and is more relateable for the viewer. Unlike say a Globster, Ghiozzo, Scagdead, Las Plagas critter, or any of the plethora of other Resident Evil critters out there. Not to say that I don't have other critters already created. I've actually got a respectable little stable of beasties lined up for more RE sets.

But all in good time. Nemesis gets first dibs on Jill. They are a classic together. Star-crossed lovers pitted against each other by a cruel twist of fate. It's Shakespearean I tell you! Anyway, I guess that's my long-winded way of saying "Deal with it biatch!". :-P

On a side note, I usually HATE working with tentacles. Hate hate hate them! Most of the time they are so damn hard to pose and get right. Not to mention that most tentacles don't have enough segments so when they bend they get sharp corners instead of smooth curves. But then I stumbled on some new ones by Davo. And they actually pose from the head of the tentacle rather than the base! So posing is a hell of alot easier. Still a pain, but nowhere near as bad as before. So was very happy about that. Definitely worth buying!

I Am FRANK by RawArt (the alpha and omega of monster textures!)
Dead End: Alley by coflek-gnorg (weirdest name ever!)


iberios said...

wow, you got nemesis pretty spot on! did you do him yourself or is there a morph you bought? cant believe the detail! awesome!

Anonymous said...

why always tyrant re has so many other goog cratures

Will said...

Very nice set! just purchased it.

Curious to see what sort of set you come up with next. (Now while I do find all of your sets worthy to look at I do not find all of them worth purchasing ex. the 2 sets posterior to the Tifa set and prior to this one, but hey that's just personal taste I guess you're still my favorite 3d artist that does this sort of work.)

Anyway once again thank you for your awesome-art!

Cryotek said...

Awesome set Mongo! The art looks incredible and I think Nemesis was the perfect partner for Jill! :)

Anonymous said...

Needs moar Jill! Maybe a set with one of the Lickers. That tongue could be put to good use! And maybe keep the skirt on, but bunched up around her waist. I think it's hotter when they're in such a hurry to do the nasty, she doesn't bother to take off all her clothes.

And I love that you used Jill's old look. Jill's new look is just the typical blonde appearance, yawn.

Anonymous said...

A romantic fire lit rendezvous indeed :)

joeannie said...

Gee, I must have missed that segment of the RE game :) At least Jill seems a good-sport about it! I guess better than dead.

Anonymous said...

How does it feel to know you'll never be as good as Zzomp, who provides free sets until this day?

Cryotek said...

Zzomp's work may be free, but the amount of work Mongo puts out and at such amazing quality! He's the best I've seen and I'm sorry, but less than 50 cents for a picture is pretty cheap in my books!

Takes a lot of balls to anonymously accuse someone of not being as good because they are trying to make a living from their work....

Think you're just upset cause you can't afford his work. Personally I'm quite happy to support his work if it means more sets like Jill's and Tifa & Red!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah honestly my subscription has been worth it. If Mongo started slacking off then of course the money wouldn't be deserved but nobody delivers quality time and time again like Mongo.

He worked his ass off for a long time just to make a bunch of perverts like us that he doesn't even know happy. He asked for donations from time to time but obviously it wasn't paying the bills because so many of us take for granted that it's pretty difficult and costs money to do what he does.

So he starts charging for his work. Did you notice how much more effort he's put into his sets since he started charging? A fucking lot and the effort shows. Hell he made the Tifa set because he saw someone in the comments section requested.

Zzomp does great work but his updating schedule is inconsistent at best and he does tend to reuse the same characters alot (which there's absolutely nothing wrong with.)

I've been following Mongo for a while and signed up for his site the second I was able to and I've never felt ripped off at all and I think most of my fellow sick fucks agree.

If you're personally not satisfied then why don't you take your time and money elsewhere instead of whining that Mongo won't work for free because you feel entitled to it?

MongoBongo said...

LOL wow well that was a pointlessly hateful comment from two posts up. But hey, I like Zzomp's alot work too! Let's be friends.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Mongo's art to Zzomp's, mostly because Mongo is able to pull off various titillating facial expressions, while Zzomp tends to just have the same expression on all his ladies.

Will said...

I like Zzomp's work as well but not as well as MB's; though I do sorta wish MB would take a page from Zz's book and apply more anal-penetration (not the gay kind but the sort of course where a hot babe is being screwed by some sort of ugly beast (be it hairy, scaly, slimy, feathery exoskeleton-insect like ect. doesn't matter) a perfect 'yin-yang' relation of dichotomies.

Can't wait for whatever you present next MB, if you won't being presenting anything soon like within 5 days of this post could you give at least a 'teaser' to us 'sick-fucks'
(I agree 100% with above anonymous poster with regards of using that term to describe people like us.)

Anonymous said...

hey mongo just a quick note on
Beauty & The Beast. Emma Watson is get ready to play her in remake a note for future work ;)

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