Friday, February 10, 2012

Quickie Notice

Right. So a pair of sites I've been meaning to mention for about a month now. But been so damn flaky that I haven't got around to it 'til now. Deal with it. But it's kinda weird cuz both are REALLY good artists with great sites.


Vanilla ToonGirls
First is Vanilla Toongirls. Which frankly is awesome just based on the banner alone - pouty lips dribbling cum. Doesn't get much better than that! The fact that the sets are fantastic with crisp renders and inspired camera angles is just icing on the cake. Actually they are even better than the banner. It's mostly fantasy-type settings that star (surprise surprise) toon girls of various levels of toonage. Everything from a subtle touch of non-reality to full-on ultra-toon look. So go check it out!


The other site is Intrigue3d run by Supro. With big-breasted hotties with a more realistic look using the incomparable Lux rendering. Good stuff! If the style looks familiar, it's cuz Supro also does stuff over at Affect3d. So go give it a look-see!


Oh! And figure I might as well give a little teaser for what I'm working on. A nice Valentine's Day set featuring none other than... Jill Valentine. Expect lot's of romance, hearts, red velvet, and lace... or not. In any case, should be done this weekend. (And just gotta say, I really like how the lighting turned out in this pic!)


Supro said...

Thanks for the mention yo!

Anonymous said...


iberios said...

will jill valentine be posted today or tonight sometime? (the 11th)???

Anonymous said...

JILL.... droool....

shawnob said...

Wow! She looks just fantastic! I can't wait for the set :D

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