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Vette - Slave of the Empire

A new set in honor of the sexy twi'lek slave from Star Wars: The Old Republic. A few wallpaper type pics. And then of course the bulk is Vette stripping and performing for her master - including a new use for holocrons. The full set of 20 pics can be found at my paysite -

Alice 4.0 by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar)


REVIEW - Star Wars: The Old Republic

So have spent some free time playing around with SW:TOR. It has it's pros and cons. Like all Bioware games, the storyline is fucking awesome. They do a fantastic job there. Downside is that the gameplay kinda blows. I'll go into that a bit more in detail later.

So my first character was a Jedi Consular. Only took him up to 16th level or so. Mostly because I got so damn sick of Worf in lizard-form for my companion. Storyline was a bit slow and cerebral, but that's to be expected from a mage-type class. And overall the class itself seemed fairly decent, perhaps even over-powered. Being able to Force Lift 3 opponents at once was pretty goddamn sweet. But... there's only so many times I can listen to the giant lizard drone on and on about it's bloody fucking honor. Needed a change.

Next character was Cognatus the Sith Warrior. Went with a Juggernaut DPS build that stayed in tank mode. Made Rage a bit difficult from time to time, but was still rather effective. That is despite the gameplay issues that melee classes have in the game. Serious lack of abilities to close distance. Clunky targeting that chooses enemies 30m away instead of the one right next to you. And no increase in DPS to make up for the general suckage. But despite all that, you do get Vette. And honestly, having a hot, slightly insane, masochistic, jailbait sex-slave tagging along with you makes things quite a bit more bearable. Plus if you keep her geared up, she kicks out some serious DPS! Storyline is pretty epic too. Darth Baras is your pudgy conniving master and is so much fun to hate. Later on you can also get another romanceable chick for a companion - Jaesa. Honestly I found the bitch to be utterly annoying. I had her go dark-side and every word out of her mouth sounded like some pretentious little goth trying to act dark and moody. Like some good girl trying way too hard to be bad, and not doing a very convincing job at it. Got so bad that I had to take a break from it. Started a new character...

The Smuggler Sharpshooter! The roguish Captain Diggler with his 70's porn-star mustache and retro puffy vest. Haven't gotten terribly far with it, but after playing with the Sith Warrior it's the game on easy mode. Ranged classes are sooooo much easier. Cover, target, bang, bang, bang. All dead. I take a fraction of the damage my tank class did and shit dies so much quicker. Plus the storyline is pretty fun. Your companion is a bit... well... he's a redneck hick. So the story is playing out like some sorta Starsky & Hutch thing. Which is fitting given the mustache and vest. But really "The Homoerotic Adventures of Diggler & Riggs" is getting a bit stale and needs a new companion purty soon.

That being said there are still some serious bugs in the game. At least from my perspective. Abilities are at times completely unresponsive for a few seconds when they really should be useable. It's like there is lag, but you can still do other things with no issues. Lot's of people are bitching about it, Bioware says they are fixing it. Would kinda think that they would have fixed that before release. Since using abilities in a ability-dependent game is kinda... y'know... important. Also there is weird shit where animations seem to take priority over gameplay. Honestly, I don't want to see the lightsaber flourish for the umpteenth time, I want the next ability to activate.

On another note, crafting in the game utterly blows. It's like Bioware went out of their way to prevent a player-driven economy. Almost anything you can make, you can get as quest reward, or there is something better for sale. PvP store gear is the top of the line. Crafting comes in second or even third. Plus you tend to speed thru levels so quickly that crafted gear doesn't really turn a profit until level 35+. And by that time money doesn't really seem to matter. So... yeah. If you really need to craft, do Bio-Chem. Keeps you supplied with a good number of handy items from reuseable medkits to implants.

Another side note - space missions. You can fly around in your spaceship and shoot NPCs. But the missions are the same everytime. Literally. Your ship flies a pre-programmed path and all you do is shoot at enemy ships. Is it really that hard to at least put some path choices in there? And the space stuff gives out ridiculous amounts of XP for the relatively complete lack of threat or consequence. It's not like you have to pay to get your ship repaired or replace it.

So overall it may seem like I'm hating the game. Not so. It's fun for the story. So if you are into that (and I kinda am) it may be worth it. I say "may". Because not only do you have to pay for the game up-front. But you also have to pay a subscrip fee. So you might want to wait it out a couple months for when the game itself is free and you just pay the subscrip.


Spaceman said...

WOW, this was amazing. I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see some sets with maybe some of the more 'exotic' companions, or other characters.

Like, maybe Darth Lachris and Khem Val? Or Darth Zash and Khem? Or maybe Vette and Qyzen, or Skage?

OOOOO OR Vette and Blizz!! Twi'lek on Jawa actioN!

iberios said...

darth talon needs her own set!
anyway thanksfor the update!
as far as her set is concerned, the absolute best render is the one with her sucking her own lekku! you should really go in that direction next time!!!

joeannie said...

Wonderful backgrounds - love the 'cold' :)

hzr said...

Good idea with the character and nice shots. I was pondering some swtor themed images myself but not really got around doing any :)

Played swtor too as a 50 pyro powertech and loved it for pvp, but after a while it got boring...

Keep it up mate. Always nice to visit your site!

Anonymous said...

dont think ive heard of HZR...whats your blog?

Anonymous said...

As a Sith Warrior, this gallery successfully made me lol XD

Anonymous said...

ERm, I really doubt that a game that's sold 1.7 million copies is going to go *free* in two-5 months, even with a subscription.

Also, crafting is generally good in this game - reverse-engineering is a must and endgame crafts from recipes found on World Bosses rival or exceed PvP gear. Furthermore PvP gear is only best at PvP - if you're looking for pure stats, PvE gear is better - but you're gonna need PvP and/or epic top-tier player gear before doing raids or Hard Modes.

Anonymous said...

But most importantly what server are you on? :)

hzr said...

"dont think ive heard of HZR...whats your blog?"

Comixblog - I am linked here aswell, not really posted any recent stuff on my site in the last few months though.

Bob Arctor said...

Good stuff Mongo!

Can't say Vette is my favourite; companion-wise for various reasons I prefer others - Mako, Ashara, or even SCORPIO ;) - but she is good fun. Even without companions, there are so many interesting and attractive ladies in SWtOR that you could be really onto something here :D

On the game itself, I pretty much agree with you on every point, though they don't bother me much. I am happy with the design choices they made, and where they decided to spend their time. The only things that I would call a serious issue are the lack of an useful LFG tool, which really affects the ease with which people get to enjoy one of the major selling points of the game (the superb flashpoints), and the latest disco-funk UI update, which has me squinting like a deer in the headlights - but that can and hopefully will be fixed.

Anyway... more SWtOR 'fan art' in your unique style would be most welcome :p

Anonymous said...

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