Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beauty & The Beast

We have a new set in celebration of Disney releasing Beauty & The Beast in 3D. Because we need more movies that teach young girls that it's okay to stay with a psychopath and try to "fix" him, as long as he has a big ass castle and money. Always felt that Gaston got a raw deal in that flick. Regardless, in this set Beast gets some when Belle finds his magic rose. Probably a bit more along the lines of what would really have happened. Set is 13 pics of brutal bestial fun! And of course may be found at my paysite -

In other news, life has decided to take a particular disliking to me lately. From the transmission on my car giving out, to two flat tires in as many days on my bike, to Poser2010 eating this set. Twice. Posed the set up (it was originally quite a bit longer) made some changes, saved it, and Poser crashes. 3 hours of work gone. Promptly begin screaming and cursing. After punching the wall a few times (not really, but I thought about it) loaded the scene to start over. Scene is blank. Literally nothing in it. All gone. Scream and curse some more. Far more lividly and with a vague amount of panic. Then remember that Poser always makes a back up. I've run into problems like this before after all. So load the backup and it's all there (minus the 3 hours of work). Right. Not as bad as I thought. So save the back-up as the original file name and... Poser2010 crashes again. Stomach drops. Restart Poser in a panic. Load the original scene. It's blank of course. Load the back up. And it's blank to. *sob* Look for a back-up of the back-up. Nothing. Everything gone. And we immediately jump past the screaming to straight shock.

Think the problem stemmed from not running Poser in admin mode when saving to my external hard drive. Not much help after the fact. And still not entirely happy with Poser2010. In any case, stepped away from rendering and stuff for a few days. So if you are wondering why this set took so long, or why I haven't been responding to emails much, that's why. It's not because I hate you. Well some of you I do (:-P just kidding).

And in other news it seems we lost a pair of Blogs from our circle. Both Fullytank and Spike3D seem to be removed. Both are really great artists, so if you know what happened to them please give a shout out! Not happy to see them gone.

Christine Hair by Neftis3D (does great hair models)
Infamous for V4 by Littlefox (really do love her stuff)


iberios said...

i hope im not one ofthe ones you hate. sorry to hear of your real life troubles, but my original offer of commissions stands even more firm now. hopefully youll take me up on it.

as afr as the set is concerned, i love it. love the write up you gave it, very funny. the last scene is the best, and i long to see the continuation! the 'battle damage' on belle is superb. its not really my thing, but it makes sense and is perfect for the story! excellent job! i dont really get into lingerie usually, but i must say, you pulled it off greatly!
when will we hear theresults of the knight naming and her next adventure?!?

Will said...

I think the set is OK not enough pics (30 is an ideal number for any set IMO) though hearing of your troubles with your recent programs it's understandable.

My laptop crashed recently and works like shit now so I sympathize with your plight and I do value your work I am not an artist I lack the time, insight, discipline etc.
So needless to say I'm very glad you are around and hope you stay and continue what you are doing it's awesome artwork as of now you are the only pay site I belong to your 3d porn art/style is my favorite!

(MB I've read you don't consider your unique 3d porn sets you do as art; I'll have to respectfully disagree.)

Hope everything works out for the better.

Anonymous said...

Hey MB, I understand you've been having issues and everything, and I don't mean to be an asshole, but you should at least say something addressing your paid subscribers. When you first started, you promised us we'd be seeing updates on a weekly basis, but other than the first few weeks...that just wasn't the case.

This last small set has come 2 weeks after the last one, and those 2 came a month after medilab.

I understand you've been having issues, but as someone who isn't just buying the sets, but actively subscribed to your site, I feel like we deserve a little bit more than this. I felt pretty good about the month long delay when we got 2 sets, but even Mynxie's Bedroom was rather small...

Anonymous said...

I would suggest adding your older sets to the members portal as well. While it may lessen the traffic on the blog, would you consider making the member site a more "one-stop shop" for your works?

joeannie said...

Sweet exposure of the TRUTH which Disney tried to hide from the public! bless you all :)

Anonymous said...

Fullytank's blog was deleted for no apparent reason, but he still has a Hentai Foundry account, if you want to contact him:

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