Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tifa & RedXIII

NOTE - This set is no longer available due to DMCA from Square-Enix.

EDIT - Now with new and improved downloads (actually they are just the correct price now)

Yay! The long-awaited Tifa & RedXIII is finally done! Guess our lovely Ms Lockhart prefers a touch of the animal more than she does that mopey fey douchebag Cloud :-P. Hehe. Full set of 35 pics is available at my paysite - www.mongo-bongo-art.com.

As much as I enjoyed making the set, I have made a New Year's resolution to never use that hair model again. Soooo many hi-rez transparency layers on top of each other. Each pic took at least two hours to render. Never again!... 'Course I could just lower the image size too. That would save time... See? Resolutions were made to be broken. Still, I don't anticipate anymore ridiculous update delays like that again. In any case, enjoy the pics!

And Iberios! Send me your e-mail address! People who contribute set ideas get the set for free.

Mitsu Hair by 3D Universe (all my hair models & I still use this the most)
Rebel Forever by Powerage (Vive la France!)
Tool Girl by BadKittehCo (weird - no longer available at DAZ)
DAZ Mil Dog Stud by ??? (freebie - can't track it down anymore)
Hr-030 by Ali (no longer available - but has similar in store)
Troll Fun-Do by ??? (the evil hair! - another unknown freebie)


Cryotek said...

Might want to see how many new members you get before you make that resolution lol. I know I'm signing up just because of Tifa & Red, looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Love it , great work, thank you

Someguy said...

My favorite set so far. Keep up the great work!

Cryotek said...

If I signed up as a member, why am I still being charged $10 from google checkout?

Anonymous said...

Hi, i have a question, if i be a member i must pay more money to see the the comis in donwload section

Anonymous said...

I'm having the same issue that cryotek mentioned. It says $10 in google checkout even when I'm logged into my member account. This occurs with all the sets on the list, not just the tifa/red set.

Anonymous said...

Having the same problem as mentioned above, when one logs into ones member's account the banners for the downloads say $2 but when you go to the google wallet checkout its $10.

I love the site (my favorite for erotic/enticing 3d art in fact) and have purchased a couple sets in the past and plan on doing so in the future however I do hope that this $10 for members is a glitch and I hope that if it is it'll be resolved soon.

Please keep up the great work and I hope this will be the only complaint and, or concern I have.

iberios said...

sweet! im sorry mongo, i thought i did when i was begging and begging for you to accept my many commission requests, but it may ahave slipped my dumb ass mind! these look awesome as i thought they would! you are awesome!!!!
iberios@yahoo.com friggin cant wait to see whole set! fukkin A!!!

iberios said...

im ready to become member if the problems the others mentioned can be resolved!:D

Cryotek said...

For the record, they were totally worth the $10 I paid for them anyways! I will buy some more sets though when this issue is resolved. ^_^

Love this set and would gladly pay $10 for a sequel (I know you hate the hair lol).

Tifa gonna be running around Cosmo Canyon with little Nanaki's hehe. :P

MongoBongo said...

Ack! Yeah that $10 was a glitch. Forgot that the stupid download manager requires that the minimum quantity be set to zero in order for the discount to take effect. All straightened out now. Member prices are back to $2. Will be refunding the members who paid full price (yay! free!).

Oxayotl said...

Thank you MongoBongo! Not alot of Tifa and Red XIII sets around. Fantastic artwork as usual. Bought and looked through it. So good!

iberios said...

just signed up to be a member and totally worth it! look forward to many more sets with red 13 doing all kinds of other chicks from ff games and beyond; my new hero. the jewelry all over him looks awesome! want alot more sets with mynxie, maybe one with hot redhead mrs. clause! what do thetattoos on the reindeer bodies say, i cant quite make it out. need more with pirotess and a fuckload more with wonderwoman and more with lara croft!hell i liked 80% of them! dint really care for the turkey, evangellion or the devil hunter, but the rest of your site is fukkin great! cant wait!

wetzlar said...

Wow, this set is totally awesome! Totally worth the wait. I'd have to say it is my new favorite, keep up the good work MB!!

Snake said...

If you don't mind, just an idea on the continuation of this great story:

Tifa could meet Red's evil twin (Blue or wtv ^^) and be a part of a nice doggy gangbang party.
Furthermore, some DPP/DAP sceenes might improve the overall excitement too.

Congratz on the set, very nice work! Too bad my card is declined. I hope you gonna continue this story sometime, looking forward to it!


MongoBongo said...

Well glad you guys liked it! I thought it came rather well too.

@Iberios - For the reindeer tattoos one says "XMAS 4 Life" and the other says "Sleigher" :-P

@Snake - Yeah Zombaio can be a bit rough with their card screening process. What country are you from?

Snake said...

@Mongo: Hungary

Anonymous said...

Megaupload is forever offline. The FBI have the Server confiscated.

Will said...

Love this set and glad that it was a glitch that was corrected and not some new pricing-policy as I had a slightly initially feared.

Downloaded the set yesterday would have downloaded the day of but got a nasty virus and had to put my laptop back to a tabula-rasa state (hours of fun).

My laptop is 'working' again but the way it works is almost analogous to me being shipped to some Siberian labor camp and being expected to perform functionally well when 1. I hate working out in the cold; 2. dislike physical labor; and 3. wouldn't likely understand the commands/demands of my taskmasters. (Hope my computer will perform better soon took over 2hr. + 3 cancelled attempts to download this awesome lovely-lusty set)

Keep up the great work MB, as I posted in an above post this is my favorite site for enticing/erotic 3d art and am looking forward to seeing more.
(hopefully more zoomorphic types; I personally prefer the types of art where the woman is being fucked by some sort of animal/s doesn't really matter not too picky I just don't personally prefer them being screwed by their male counterparts.)

Alright sorry for the tangent hope you have a shitload of awesome artwork sets that you will be slowly (not too slowly!) doling out.

Anonymous said...

I will buy the Tifa & RedXIII Set, but Megaupload is down. Please reup on a another Filehoster.

Will said...

It is unfortunate that Megaupload is down but I do not see how that effects one decision to purchase or not to. It may affect (as in mentally-emotionally) ones decision though I do not see it effecting ones decision.

To be perfectly honest I discovered MB's wonderful site not too long ago (must have been living under a rock) and became a member straightaway and have been one for about a month now.

Anyway all of my purchased downloads were never afflicted and those sets/pics/animations prior to MB starting the paysite can also be acquired/appropriated by deposit files the other downloadable option that MB uses and which is the one I in fact have used in the past and as far as I can tell hasn't been afflicted as of yet (downloaded something the other day).

Neither deposit files nor MB's paysite has been directly afflicted (as far as I can tell) from these 'piracy' restrictions and let's hope they never will be!

iberios said...

hey mb, whats new on the paysite?

Luxpulcher said...

Wow! The synergy between the characters in this set is very impressive! Perhaps your best work yet!
Now, if only you'd tackle the Wonder Woman & Krypto set idea...

Keep it up!!

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