Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mynxie's Bedroom

Ok, downside of the holidays are they tend to be rather hectic! Add onto that the crazy render times caused by hair, reflections, and generally just too much shit in a scene and we end up with huge delays in posting. Grrrr! In any case, we have more of Mynxie the Christmas Elf. Taking a hard pounding from a drunk Santa making a midnite booty call. Full set available at

The set was actually finished a couple weeks ago. But have run into some issues with my digital download provider - they only accept payment via Paypal. And given the mutual hatred Paypal and I now possess (seems they actually blacklisted me so I can NEVER get another Paypal account ever again LOL) I've had to scrounge around for a different vendor. Still in the process of that, but developed a temporary work around for the moment. So it's all good again. Kinda.

And the other delay has been this damn Tifa/RedXIII set. Finally finished the renders this evening. Goddamn I hate the hair I used for him. It takes so long to render... but it looks soooo good. Tried a few different things to speed things up. Got a second computer (increase my workflow by 100%!), and tried updating to the 20th century with PoserPro2010 (turns out not as significant an improvement as I had hoped). Plus figured a few more tricks to speed things along. Adversity is always good for that. But enough babbling! You want the Tifa/Red set. Just need to postwork. Should be done either tomorrow nite or the day after! Yay!

Alice 4.0 Faerie by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar)
Bed by Redhouse Studios (seriously, that is the name)


Batbabe said...

congratulations!! awesome set!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great.

By the way, there's no easily visible permanent link to your site from the blog. This can be a problem for anyone deciding they really want to buy something when an article like this is not at the top; they have to hunt for one. Just FYI.

CrashZxS said...

go figure you update the day after I unsub... oh well, ill be coming back in 6 months cause $16 some odd dollars per set (cause of how fast you updated, sorry) is a bit steep for me, even for the quality work you do.

iberios said...

ya, iagree with above. price is good, but no money to throw these days in economy. ill be subscribing as soon as tifa/ red 13 set is ready and waiting! awesome news bout both red13 coming very soon AND more minxie. does she have any friends? she cant be the only hot elf up there! and what happened to her first lover? that weird looking big dude in her first set? hes gotta be banging more chicks up there?!?! maybe a super hot red head mrs. clause??? she could join santa and minxie, too!!!
thanks again and cant wait for tifa!!!

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