Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mynxie the Christmas Elf

Merry Christmas! Mynxie the Elf gets in trouble with the Gift Wrapping Inspector. Or something like that. Enjoy!

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JCD said...

Hehe, Satan's, errr Santa's little helpers, eh?!

Thanks, nice treat, and I'd like to request a set featuring REINDEER next year.

Happy x-mas, everyone!

Cheers, Jess

Fat Tony said...

Thank ya man! And happy Christmas!

Oxayotl said...

Merry Christmas MongoBongo!

Love the Xmas Elf!

Thanks for a year of exceptional faptastic material!

Oh.. and i second the reindeer idea!

themagicwombat said...

hey I saw Tron (2010 version) a few days ago and it sucked, but whew! those girls are hot. I was just wondering if you could make a tron based set (hopefully with the main chick) That would kick ass.

FP37 said...

I second the idea about a Tron set. I loved the Christmas set, but the bloke was just a bit ugly. What about some decent looking guys? I'm not gay, but it slightly spoils it for me when the girl is with an unattractive figure.

Sorry, but an honest assessment of some otherwise great work from a fantastic site. I have not seen anyone else with your style of slightly anime 3D artwork.

Merry Christmas


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