Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ryoko Tron X-Mas Present

A quickie Christmas present. I saw Tron as well, and omfg is Olivia Wilde hot! Some crazy sculpted cheekbones on that girl. Figured my sci-fi girl Ryoko could make a nice stand in. Might do a set based on this, but the hard part is an interesting partner(s). Any ideas?

Aqua Gear for Aiko3 by Bugzlife (Wish this guy still made stuff.)


Fat Tony said...

Nice suit, nice body. But her eye looks very unattractive.
Sorry but I can't advice any themed partner - I didn't see this film, don't like this kind. But I believe I will like your set as always:)

themagicwombat said...

Great! Just what I was expecting, but like fat tony, i would prefer normal eyes. DO that and this will be some of the best work ever!

Anonymous said...

Partner, the troll last time was good... hm, perhaps some sort of alien? I rather liked the demon from your Death Knight set so something similar to that might do.

Vaesark said...

She looks great, I specially love the hair (fucking love bob stile), the outfit looks amazing too :3

As for her possible partner... I didn't watched the film so I can't think of any :/

Anonymous said...

I agree about the eye thing. As for a partner, you could go with the retro-cyberspace theme and use the monster from Master Blaster.

JCD said...


Nice treat, thanks for that.

Hmmm, but being not very familiar with Tron myself (I vaguely seem to remember the old one from '82), I am probably not the right one to suggest any suitable partners.

But it's technically speaking mere science-ficktion that plays right inside a computer, right?! So, I suppose any related character/creature would suffice.

Obvious choice would be another (male) gladiator she is fighting, anyway. Of course you could dress up just another of the popular orcs or elves or both.

Just my 2 cents.

Cheers, Jess

PS The eyes. Yes, they bother me to. Personally I'd stick with one color, and that is the green one.

Anonymous said...

So sexy. But the eyes are rly unattractive

MongoBongo said...

kekekekeke... I'm getting a total Dr. Evil moment here - "You just don't get it, do ya Scott?". The eye is supposed to be off-putting. Makes her less than perfectly beautiful and emphasizes the whole cyber thing. Geez. :-P

JCD said...

Aha. Thanks for the explanation, I expect she has a good character, too?!


FP37 said...

My vote for a partner would be either of your Resident Evil girls, Jill or Sheva. All three girls are armed and dangerous, so let's have a old fashioned catfight, but be careful with their clothes. The last thing we'd want would be for them to rip each other's costumes, so revealing their taut and sexy bodies. If you are unable to choose between Jill and Sheva, the answer's simple. Both.

I totally agree about the sexy cyborg, though maybe the different coloured eyes is too subtle a sign. A metal limb or some glimpse of metal on the torso would be a clearer message. I think there are so many plot possibilities with a cyborg. Something that is almost human, but not quite. Maybe, something that wants to be human. Regardless of the Tron link, I think this has great potential.

Great work, as always.


Anonymous said...

c'mon really..
there's no question..
it's the mcp XD

high and mighty master controll program

or maybe Sark, or TRON, or RAM, or Flynn

Anonymous said...

or all four of them. she could also have a program that she uses, kinda like the program the guys use for the light cycles. she pulls out a rod, pulls it in two, (like in the new movie, I saw it myself) and it takes the shape of something. after this i have no idea.

drakvl said...

Just an idea, but: the last episode of Reboot left Megabyte with shape-changing abilities.

ciderapple said...

light cycle rods sound interesting. In the video game that prefaces this new tron movie there were programs infected by virus code that might be useful.

Also, weren't olivia's breasts a bit smaller? The ones on this model seem a bit large to me. Still a nice pic though =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your pictures, they are .. adorable! Your technique is brilliant! Though, you can achieve much more if you succeed to draw the eyes expressing pure spirit. Like the eyes of Nausica from the japanese "Nausica from the valley of the winds". I admit, it ain't easy, you've got to achieve it first within yourself - no other way to draw it right! But if you're up to it, I suggest you stop the meat and alchohol for 10 years, read or watch some pure spiritual things you feel attracted to, and see what happens...

Perhaps you're kindly wishing me to f... myself. You see, I meant no disrespect to your true deep nature, but you ego has to die if you want to achieve greatness.

Anonymous said...

Hot. But as a woman can i request a partner less fugly for her? ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the eyes. They go with the whole warm colored girl - cool colored costume thing, and also emphasize the other worldliness.

As for a partner, how about a robot?

Anonymous said...

You could go a couple ways this, couple her with some fugly troll thing like you tend to do, that will put more attention on the girls features of a maybe some well hung Clue gaurds from the movie. On mkae it a solo and a one one one with the movie's hero. Just brainstorming. I like all your sets though, beautiful, real creative, u def make a huge contribution to 3d erotica. *****

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