Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mynxie - Hot Tubbing!

Merry Christmas! Another of my favorite holidays (for reasons very similar to Thanksgiving). And this year we have the return of Mynxie the Christmas Elf. This time hooking up with the reindeer Donner and Blitzen, and taking a hard pounding in the hot tub! Really happy with some of the poses and expressions in this one. Full set available at Enjoy!

Alice 4.0 Faerie by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar)
V4 GiftWrapped by HollywoodBest (no longer available)
A3 Horsey by specs2 (freebie!)


IronCrab said...

Nice work. Winter is coming, but Mynxie will not get cold. :D

Reddwarf said...

First off, I solved my registering with Google problem with a limited credit card account and a new email address, so I can have a measure of security.

Hoorah! I can now download this wonderful art and pay the artist a fair wage for it! I DO believe in the Capitalist system; fair pay for fair work!

PROBLEM: Was downloading your various sets. Your "Donkey Show" set, when you click to purchase, links to "Thanksgiving: Turkey Hunt", so I inadvertantly bought that set twice. Yikes.

I dig that that is a "Buyer Beware" thing and I am asking for no refund, but fixing the link would be nice.

Considering all of the hoops one has to jump though to get to the prize of your fine art, I kinda do hope you'll re-look the old business model you got going on here. Sayin' it with love, bro. Your work doesn't need to be tarnished with difficult access issues.

Also, a way to purchase more than one set at a time would be groovy.

Damn, I bitch. Sorry. I really do love your work.

joeannie said...

Glad she's willing to help Santa 'prep' his reindeer for the holiday scramble! It takes dedication to be a Santa's helper ... or maybe she's the only one 'big' enough to accommodate :)

Hope your other site is doing well - my monthly budget for such things is committed already.

MongoBongo said...

LOL Apparently you do like my art considering the amount you got.

But yeah, turns out I had fixed that link before, but forgot to make the fix on the copies on my computer. So when I updated, the error returned. Doh!

As for the "business-model" it serves two purposes.
- First, it allows me to keep the subscrip cost lower than most (typical is $15.99-$30), so you only have to pay for what you want. Honestly, most people don't feel the need to download every set.
- Second, it prevents bots from ripping the site. And tends to dissuade pirates a bit.

I guess I could just go with the typical $15.99 model, but that just seems a bit excessive.

Anonymous said...

Lesbian ?

JCD said...

Well, it's that time of the year, isn't it?!

No complaints, but I would have suspected RUDOLPH to join the reindeer game. His big bright nose could have lightened up her twat...


Reddwarf said...

Any chance of the cocks on the males to look more...well...animalistic? Or monstrous? These guys' equipment looks like standard issue.

Nothing but love for your work, but just suggestin'.

MongoBongo said...

Oh man, if you consider those things to be "standard issue" I want to be you! They are already the size of her forearm!... Problem with going larger is that it creates big problems for penetration pics. Pussy morphs just don't stretch that much. :-(

Anonymous said...

I love this set, glad I signed up for your new site, well worth the money :) hope to see that tifa and red xiii set soon

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