Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Milestones!

Yay! So it's been a month since I started my new site and it's progressing even better than I anticipated. 'Course my goals were rather humble, in that I simply wanted to have more subscriptions than I've had comments on a set (which frankly wasn't many). So yay for that. Other milestones included the blog having surpassed 1 million views (currently 1.25M+), with over 187K unique visitors!

Google Analytics RISK has had some success. I've finally conquered Australia with a visitor from New Guinea (yay! 2 extra armies!). So I can add that to North America and Europe. South America is still holding out with French Guyana. As is Asia with those beacons of freedom and culture - Turkmenistan, Myanamar, and North Korea. Africa is still a lost cause.


In other news, there are some great sites to promote.


First of all the incomparable Miro and his Affect3d.com. He is the mastermind behind the drool worthy Ayako sets. Y'know the one - that glistening huge-breasted purple-haired sex goddess! And while I'm normally not much into futa, his Sayako/Ayako set is just plain Fap!Fap!Fap! (honestly if those pics don't change your view on futanari nothing ever will!). Plus, he did a neat little article on me last week. Some fun questions answered, plus a pair of exclusive pics you will only find on his site! So go check it out!



Blackadder has started a new site in addition to his blog. In case you are unfamiliar with his work he normally does more full-figured hotties (such as his fantastic Gisella Moretti character) with a more highly realistic look. Awesome stuff! And in particular I love his Quorra/Tron pics. ZOMG sooo good! (And on that note Olivia Wilde will be showing up again in this post!)



And another great new blog that has shown up is Jomish's TheThreeDevil. Busty princesses taking it hard and deep from vile orc types! What's not to like?! But that's not all! If you order now you also get- (sorry, stupid commercial was on while writing this ;-P) He has stories for his pics too. And pretty good stuff at that! Definitely worth taking a look. My favorite set is the Princess Briana one. The colors just work so well.


Still with me? Wow you are tenacious! So notes for the end of the year... All-in-all it's been sorta "meh". The new site is a highlight! But the economy still sucks ass. And nothing has really grabbed me as far as games go (EVE-Online is still broken & oddly Skyrim didn't really appeal to me - I know, odd). Plus movies were just kinda blah this year. But next year... Next year for movies we have... (ok it was just a ploy to be effusive about upcoming movies :-P)

The Dark Knight Rises - Bane! And if it's only half as good as the others, it'll still rock!
Bourne Legacy - No Matt "Apeface" Damon. But it does have Edward Norton!
Underworld Awakening - Kate Beckinsdale in skin-tight black leather always works!
Resident Evil: Retribution - Will suck so bad. But Milla... mmm... Milla...
The Avengers - Hopefully it will live up to the hype. If not, it still has Tony Stark being snarky.
The Expendables 2 - Jean-Claude Van Damme (comedy value) & Chuck Fucking Norris! 'Nuff said!
G.I. Joe 2: Retribution - Stupid mindless fun! Plus Zartan (my fave villain from the cartoon)
Skyfall - MOAR BOND! It may be heresy, but I think Daniel Craig is a better 007 than Sean Connery.
Total Recall - It's not Arnie or on Mars, but could be good. Or epic phail. We'll see.
Tomb Raider - Actually slated for 2013. And rumored that Olivia Wilde is Lara Croft... Interesting.


iberios said...

i agree about danial craig, but it is close!

JCD said...

Well, congratulations, <1.250.000 visitors is an impressive number, indeed.


And thanks for the update of the other great artists, too. For some strange reason I somehow never get tired of watching that kinda stuff...


JCD said...

Ooops, excuse me, but I have never
been good at maths, it should read


or 1,250,000 (whichever version you
are used to) in the last post above.

Anonymous said...


darknaruto31 said...

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