Monday, December 19, 2011


Another new set! Took a bit more time than anticipated, but figured well-done is better than half-done. It's based off a series of pics from a couple years back that I finally got around to fleshing out. In a way I do miss the A3 character. Such good memories working with her!

Trill Spots for V3 by Chimera46 (love his work!)
Amy Hair by Lady Littlefox (another great modeler)
Voyager Sickbed Primary by Unknown (freebie that I can't track down)


Black4Blond said...

Love the pics!! Awesome work like always!!

darknaruto31 said...

hey mongo i see the vaesark is doing fan art and i don't want u left out i like ur work just as much as his
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darknaruto31 said...

this will be my last post don't want to over do it lol
the red nose werewolf
a wolf meets a witch who give him a red nose like Rodolfo the rain deer
and a red glowing dick off he goes to a lake weer twin are skin dipping they suck his dick that make their mouth glow like when u put a flash light in it when they ride him
u can see his red glowing cock in thier pussy and last seen is when he cums on them they are darken a little in the last pic so u can see is red glowing cum on them
the i deal of glowing cum can to me while i was put up glow sticks from holloween

darknaruto31 said...

i ask vaesark to do these but i think it more suts to ur ark work sent u like to tell comic storys

MongoBongo said...

LOL... Darknaruto you need to lay off the caffeine mate! You're going crazy on the posts :-P. General rule of thumb, if it's more than 5 sentences, probably best to just send an email.

That being said, some decent ideas! Might incorporate some aspects into future sets.

Reddwarf said...

MongoBongo, that was a fantastic set! And the alien cock looking so much more different in texture and color, even the cum was exotic looking; this is what I was talking about. Stranger looking cocks for the ladies to experience. Once again, bravo on a well done set. You are very talented.

joeannie said...

Like the background (& girl :) )

iberios said...

alien is awesome! is she a star trek trill??? been a long time since itz been on tv but she looks awesome!
i plan on paying for your other site soon! especially if you fully render the set with red 13 and tifa!!! heh heh

Anonymous said...

love the one with tifa and red xiii, hope to see the full set some day :-)

Batbabe said...

damn!! i really love your job!!!!! when I grow up I want to be like you!!!

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