Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rei Ayanami - LCL Injections

EDIT - Downloads fixed!

Yay! My first update to the new site -! It's a nice sized 20 pic set, and quite a bit brighter than most of my stuff. Always been a fan of Evangelion (even if it didn't really make sense) and finally got around to watching the Rebuild of Evangelion. This version is also pretty damn awesome and does make sense so far. Definitely worth checking out! In any case, it inspired me to do something with Rei. And considering I haven't done any just plain tentacle porn yet, figured some cyber tentacles would be just the thing!

Nyoko Short Hair by Daz3D (no longer available it seems)
DecoTech Modular Prop Pack by Moebius87 (no longer available)


Anonymous said...

wow, that is really creepy looking chick, good job, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

whatevr happened to boned?!?

joeannie said...

Nice effects, and I don't think she looks creepy at all. Probably just her pale face and dark eye lashes :)

EvilEliot said...

Hey great job with the lights, if you dont mind im gona add you to my blogs gallery.

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