Monday, November 14, 2011

Serra Angel: Temptation of Evil

More pics form another set on my new site -! Started the set awhile ago and just kept rendering, and rendering, and rendering. Finally cut it short at 50 pics. Really enjoyed doing this set cuz I figured out some great postwork techniques in Photoshop. The Liquify filter is my friend! Anyway, here are some B-sides for your enjoyment! They didn't make the final cut, so didn't get postworked. But still fairly decent if I do say so myself.

Justice by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar)
Moon Dancer by Aery Soul
The Ballroom by Redhouse Studios (heavily modified & retextured)


Miguel Santos said...

Holy crap the demon is converted.

joeannie said...

Not converted ... he lost! Winner take all I guess :) No golden violin in this contest!

Anonymous said...

Exceptional. Beautiful. Wish I could afford your new paysite -sigh. I think this may be some of your Best work yet!! I'd Love to see the "Good ones"... I have your nerw site saved but I can't do a monthly bill on my limited income - wish I could. Any chance you'll ever post any in 1920x1080 -or- 1920x1200? Only thing about your exceptional renders to me is that your Logo is sooo LARGE it takes away from the render sometimes.

MongoBongo said...

I know your pain only too well Anon. But you can always sign-up for a month and then cancel. Or just buy the set itself (see the downloads page on the site). And yeah it is a pretty good set! I liked it enough to make 50 pics of it! :-P

For pic size, haven't done anything quite that large yet. Perhaps in the future.

And as for the logo/sig tags they are a necessary evil. If they were too small, then they can be easily cropped out and end up on bad people's websites. They still end up getting cropped or covered now, but at least it's obvious and makes the viewer curious. Key part is "easily".

Anonymous said...

**different anon** I understand the still too large for me subscription fee, but charging for sets too? unless the subscription fee comes with those sets free of course, if not, jeezus...

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