Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving: Turkey Hunt!

Another Thanksgiving set! A follow-up to last year's set. Obviously I really like this holiday. Hard to not to like a day solely devoted to football and food. But anyway, we have our sexy Pilgrim girl off hunting a turkey for Thanksgiving, and ends up being the one who gets stuffed instead. Can only post a few pics here due to blogspot policies, but you can see more at my paysite -! About twice the size of last year's at 15 pics. Enjoy.

Divine Hair III by FK Design (I was wrong! She is still active)
Terror Bird by Sixus1 (and it's free!)


Epoch said...

LOL, nice. I like how you said the holiday is devoted to "football and food", in that order. :)

Zafo said...

Goble! Goble!

joeannie said...

I see ... now I understand why we kill & eat turkeys :) Else, lock up the woman!

Anonymous said...

Exceptional Turkey Day renders looks like again. Wish you didn't have to "sell them" would love to use a few in my wallpaper rotation. -sigh. but I cant afford to pay $10 a set to get your excellent renders unfortunately. too bad for me I guess

Anonymous said...

Could you clarify the payment options. Are you saying $12 gets all the sets (and renews monthly, but can be cancelled after the first month) and $10 gets a single set (but doesn't renew)?

If this is the case, why would anyone buy a single set (unless the are totally paranoid about renewing charges)?

Anonymous said...

Actually I meant "during the first month" not "after the first month".

Anonymous said...

You don't even get the sets for $12 you can view them, but have to pay more money to download them. It's a ripoff imo.

Beastlover said...

I paid 10$ for it, and totally worth it! Wonderful facial expressions, and amazing anal scenes. Nice work, MongoBongo! I hope we can get more bestiality series in the future.

Anonymous said...

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