Sunday, August 8, 2010

Random Asian Stuff

Some character studies I've been playing around with on and off. Pondering doing a series based on them. Heavily influenced by Soul Calibur, Samurai Shodown, L5R, Samurai Champloo (which if you've never seen, you should! Fucking awesome!), and various other stuff.

Currently working on the Bretonnia Knight set, a set with a Elf Warrior and Orc, and an old half-done A3 set with the bannergirl on the right. Eventually one of them will get done.


fullytank said...

and knowing you are working on some fantasy set is... even more nifty! :D

Anonymous said...


JCD said...

Cool. Nice to know that so
many things are coming up.


JCD said...

Hey, just one more thing.

I really like the KyeungSunHee-character, and the fit and proper BACKGROUND is very nice, too. I am a big fan of that element, as you know. Looks like painted parchment, that's got a Japanese touch, right?! The koi carp and the bamboo give me this impression.

Would it be possible to get it without the gal?! I know, I know, call me a pervert. So if it's to much fuss, just don't bother.


Tony said...

Utterly superb collection of characters! Man I am looking forward to seeing this unfold!

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