Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10K Hits! Thanks!

Thanks everyone! Broke 10K hits on the blog yesterday. Big thanks to the fans from the USA (around 3K hits) and from Germany and Russia (tied around 1200 each!).

However, my game of Google Analytics RISK isn't doing so hot. Am still one country away from the two bonus armies of Australia (damn you Papua New Guinea!). But surprisingly, I'm only 2 countries away from securing Europe. Just need hits from Slovakia and Azerbaijan (didn't even know it existed). If you have no clue WTF I'm rambling on about... don't worry.

In any case, playing with various half-done sets and ideas. Still haven't settled on which one I'll do next. But I'll keep you all posted!


Muddy said...

Congratulations mate!
Your blog is really awesome.

JCD said...

Yeah, cool!

I have added one or two clicks myself, if I remember rightly, hehe.


markosorius said...

I guess some lone french canadian clicks doesn't make much of a difference but I'm glad to participate to your blog. I'm tryin' to get the word around my circle of friends about this kind of artwork.
Will be looking forward to what comes next, as you know, I hope to see something with the banner girls but really, it's your call and I wont complain :)

Neba said...

I hope that you will not stop until you conquer the whole world with your artwork :-)

MongoBongo said...

@marko - Well Canada is doing it's part. Still on the first page at 6th place with around 425 hits. Just barely trailing the "real" French (:-P) and the British.

fullytank said...

My congratulations too!
I'm happy to know your art is getting the attention it deserves!

BDG said...

Congrats! Looking forward to seeing you hit 20K! ^_^

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