Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ryoko & Lava Troll

Cybergirl Ryoko ends up on planet and has an encounter with a Lava Troll... Something a little brighter and more vibrant than the last set.

DOWNLOAD 46 pics / 44mb - Deposit Files / MegaUpload

Exterminus Alien Warlord for Troll by DarkWing Zero (not available anymore)


Nightshade said...

Oh wow, very interesting.

I'm not usually into sci-fi stuff, but I really enjoy the style you're developing. You're going to earn a reputation for massive photo sets if you keep this up, too!

Really liking the vibrant coloring, that's not something I see done very well, very often. Keep up the great work.

JCD said...

Hey, a download!
And I found it immediately.
You should have hidden it better.


Just kidding, of course. And as always, I completely agree with Lady Nightshade in the previous comment. Bigger is not always better, but I like the number - and quality! - of the SciFi-set. It's a really inspirational touch, always to use an appropriate signature, depending on the topic. The font here was chosen wisely, I believe.

Cheers, Jess

Tim said...

Very nice, hope to see more from you

bashrag said...

Those are some gorgeous renders.

Did you set the lighting up yourself or did you use a package? Either way, the effect is really fabulous.

Did you mess around with the render settings or go with the default?

MongoBongo said...

Never really been much for package lighting. Just about always set up my own lights. Usually an IBL ambient light, a main Infinite or Spot light, and then an infinite light from the back to give highlight edges.

The render settings are set pretty high. Irradiance at 0.8+, Min Shading at 0.3 or lower (most important), and of course Raytrace and Displacement on.

Then after that run it thru Photoshop to slightly increase the contrast and vibrance with additional layers.

nootze said...

Could you perhaps upload this to another server than depositfile? I can't download anything from it, since it always says that "all slots for my country is full," and I'd really like the two sets you've put up there. :)

nootze said...

Nevermind that, worked after quite a lot of retries. :)

MongoBongo said...

Glad it worked out for you. Decided to upload to MegaUpload and Rapidshare anyway. And turns out Rapidshare is as completely fucked up as I had originally feared. So just DF and MU from now on. Honestly, still have no clue wtf they were thinking when they changed their business model. Stupid fucktards.

Neba said...

Thank you for set up a link to my blog, I will immediately post a link to your.
Sets of pictures you made are quite amazing, in quality and quantity :-)

Anonymous said...

stumbled upon your site.... outstanding!!! :)

Anonymous said...

very nice!

I liked the composition of your bore beast set, submissive female/dominant male roles,

but with this set and the demon set you have really bumped up the quality of the renderings, rich details and great color.

keep it up!

Fastmax said...

After viewing the work for "Ryoko",..
I have to be honest with you about what I felt about.
The excitement waned while halfway through the presentation.
Nothing different beyond the usual display themes of submissive fantasy female, "monster" male domination and the cum shot.
I expect that from porn. Quick and thoughtless of content, no empathic connectivity to the illusion.

What is so wrong with displaying sex positively? Or that the content not always end so... cynical?

In fact, I had wondered why the special light effects of the "techno-halos" and the "circuit etchings" weren't made to visually signify the highs and lows of the sex act.
That they would glow brightly when she orgasmed.
Or that a techno-halo screen actually displayed afront her the penetration from a view of "inside her"!!-or to see it at multiple angles on various floating screen around her as it was happening.
A gauge showing her when the beast was going to pop his alien nut into her.
This would have been of making use of the effects beyond their appearance.

Overall, I'm not knocking down the work, just questioning about the content with its artisan as to whether thinking of being more .."fantastical" would be kept in mind. The images should tell a slight story of the progression of the action of the scene, also of special elements within. Alot of idealistic, optimistic characterization could have been said of in those 36-40 images, more than of the usual. Not meaning either that they should kiss up and skip off together into the distance holding hands, now.

Please consider what I've said here the next time Ryoko is rendered up in a scene.

Fastmax said...

Oh and by the way, about the Lava Troll.
Great head and face modeling for an "alien beastman".
But you know what I was really lookin' at?
Uh huh, yup. Where's the fantasy there?

Couldn't parts of it brilliantly glow,
..or its designed of its body shaping is "really alien"-like.
Perhaps the approach would be to think on what a woman wouldn't stick up themselves... and maybe work an "alien sex organ" from there.
Or ...think of those unusual European mail order sex shop prop toys for women.

Here's a concept no guy often dreams about of his phallus: That its its own being. It's ALIVE!!!

In other words, give me a "fantastic penoid" design that signifies the male drive for copulation. Spark my libido with your imaginations.

Hopefully these suggestions have yet so done such to you upon a creative level.

Fastmax said...

How about... "tiny scaled electrical arc discharges" ...playing along her circuit etchings: for when Ryoko gets excited sexually.

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