Friday, July 23, 2010

Work in Progress: CyberGirl Ryoko

Teaser for a new set. Inspired by Masamune Shirow's character Makoto Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell (gotta love TOON's Adult Swim channel). Should have it up in a few days.

Definitely happy to be back working with V4 again. A3 was nice when she came out, and the old Mil figures were easy to texture. But the range of morphs and better joint bends on V4 are just soooo much better. Plus there's alot less crosstalk. Still got one more A3 set half done from ages ago. Will have to finish that one up one of these days too.


markosorius said...

I will definately look up for it, I like the idea :)

markosorius said...

Sorry for posting again, but there's somethin' I wanted to say for some time now. I really like both of your banners models, each time I come and visit, I spend some time staring at this ginger haired elf before scroling down to see what's new on your blog. It's not a request, but I wish to see somethin' someday with theses two, maybe at the same time, can't blame me for havin' fantasies ya ? :)
Anyway, like I said before, I'll keep on lookin' up for any news and creations, you have somethin' different that quickly got you in my favorite artists out there. Keep it up Mongo !

MongoBongo said...

Actually the one on the right sidebar (Dr. Astra) is the V4 version of the last A3 set I need to finish up (sci-fi medical theme). So she'll have her time in the spotlight pretty soon. And the elf on the header (Amilee) will probably be having fun with goblins and such.

JCD said...

Right. Looking good, somewhat ASIAN, I think. Just hope that her slit isn't sideways, hehe.


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