Sunday, July 18, 2010

Death Knight: Demon Breed

Finally finished with this set. Only had it sitting around partially done for over a year. Played around with ALOT more postwork than normal. And waaaay more pics than I had originally intended. Hope y'all enjoy it.

DOWNLOAD 51 pics / 68mb - Deposit Files / MegaUpload

Corripio by Sixus1 (sadly it's no longer available)


zomp said...


fullytank said...

I love the way she battles demons! The shots where she is taken from behind and on the floor are just... yummy! :D

Uber-awesome set!

Anonymous said...

best download in the last few months! keep it up!

JCD said...


I actually wondered, why it took you "over a year", and only just realized that there is a huge .zip-file available as well, apart from the 8 pics shown directly in the post.

Maybe you should highlight the next of that kind in the following fashion:

>>> DOWNLOAD HERE !!! <<<

Just call me stupid.

Oh yeah, it looks - quite literally - a lot darker then the other works from you that I have seen before. But never you mind. I like the sexplay, especially when the beast eats her out first and her legs are wrapped around it later, giving the impression that the little slut wants to be fucked hard. Doggy-style is always appreciated, in general you have a good idea of some DEEP penetration going on.

Looking forward to the next act, whoever (?) SHE may be.

Cheers, Jess

Anonymous said...

it keeps timing out, cannot download

MongoBongo said...

Probably an issue with Deposit Files. Might have to look into adding other hosting, but Rapidshare is just being so weird these days.

Nightshade said...

Phenomenal use of lighting and variation of poses.

Good job.

Anonymous said...

The internal view is a nice touch, and the matching look in her eyes next frame.....


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