Saturday, August 14, 2010

Coming Soon: Sylrahtae the Wood Elf

New set almost done! Finally. No particular inspiration for this one, other than the desire to see hottie elf chicks getting banged by monstrous beasties. And really, what other inspiration does one need?

In other news, still working away on the Bretonnian Knight set. But my computer is really not liking some of the things I am doing with it. So some pics are taking HOURS to render. Which means overnight renders and drastically cuts down the speed of getting the set done.

Then again, my computer almost didn't let me get this one done. Finished posing and was saving the scene when the cable to my external HD went wonky, and Poser crashed. Oh shit. Restart, reload the scene... and the screen was blank. Fuuuuccckk!! But turns out that Poser always keeps a backup. And I happily stumbled on that by accident a day or two later. Hurray! Still... I think my computer hates me.


fullytank said...

I hope you will finally overcome your troubles because... we need more elves & monsters! :D

...and your set looks incredibly promising!

Anonymous said...

Teaser looks great. Can't wait for this set!

JCD said...

What, "elf chicks getting banged by monstrous beasties" ?

I will complain about this site at not!!!

Can hardly wait. Have a NICE weekend, everyone.

Cheers, Jess

Anonymous said...

ooo can't wait :)

Skeax said...

Looking forward to this. I liked the leaf shadows cast on the elf's arm - very subtle.

Tipler said...

Look on the bright side Mongo. You learned something new about Poser :)

And your PC dosen't hates you, he ... or maybe it is a she O.o ...... is just jealous that you plan to share your work with us ;)

Tony said...

The teaser looks fantastic :) Very much looking forward to seeing the new series!

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