Monday, May 9, 2016

Civil War & Stuff

So saw Civil War over the weekend. Gotta say, was a fairly good movie. Alot like the second Cpt America movie, but better. Same sort of slow-ish, talky, political/intrigue-y type of thing (but done better), and not so much a constant stream of punchy action. Liked it. And when you compare it to Dawn of Justice, it's like "wtf DC? this is how you do movies". So yeah, a good thumbs-up. Which is not to say I didn't have some beefs with the movie. Cuz I ALWAYS have beefs with the movies, right?

So the actors and characters... I liked them. All of them. Which shocked me. Even Scarlett Johnansson, who I generally think does a terrible Black Widow - she's grown on me. Not the Black Widow I would prefer, but perhaps the one we deserve? Dunno. But she did a great job, even with her moody detached rendition of the character, and it worked well in the context of the film. Big surprise for me was Black Panther. Never been a big fan of the character in the comics. Was just a wee bit too stereotype-y for my tastes. Black super-heroes with "black" in their name just to emphasize just how black they are? Yeah, no thanks. I'll stick with Storm and WarMachine. But this Black Panther? Damn, Boseman knocked it out the fucking park with his portrayal. Complete badass, driven by vengeance, and is the only character to wake the hell up in time before turning things to shit. Good job on the character, and good job on the writing!

Let's see, what else? Oh! The whole "liberty vs security" thing that was pretty much the undercurrent in the comics. Government vs freedom and all that. Wasn't present so much in the movie (shocker!). Film kept it more to the personal level of things instead of broad over-arching political themes. I mean it was there, was just played down quite a bit. Not a huge surprise though. That theme worked well in the context of 2006 when the comic came out, given the administration (or regime as some would call it) at the time. Back then it was fine to preach rebellion against the government. These days...? Yeah, not so much. Especially during an election year. Funny that...

Was kinda bummed that Cap didn't get to give his iconic speech. At least they had it in there, so I'll give them that. But still, it's HIS speech man - let him make it! You don't have Hamlin (Abe's vice-president) give the Gettysburg Address. Lincoln does it, cuz it's HIS defining moment of awesome.

In other news... where the fuck is the new set?! Yeah, well been inconvenienced by some hospital shit lately. No, not me. And no, nothing overly serious. Family member, broken leg that needed some surgery. So been spending some time taking care of that. Chores, shopping, cooking, etc. Which frankly isn't THAT much of an imposition on my normal routine. But my normal routine does involve alot of dicking around before actual "work". And have been sacrificing the work instead of the "dicking around" time. I should probably re-prioritize those two. Hmm.... In any case, still working away on the Belf set and making progress.

But while doing that hospital stuff, I decided to actually try out Hearthstone again. Easy entertainment, no huge time investment, plus they were giving away like 7 packs of the new expansion or something. So figured, what the hell, I'll give it a try. Still won't give them any money, but I'll try it. Plus they were fixing shit with the recent nerfs/changes, right? And that was good for about two days of playing. Caught it right at the end of the "testing shit out" phase. And then it became 24/7 aggro Warlock & Shaman. Which are decks that are broken as fuck. So not alot of fun to be had there for me. Especially when I prefer to play Priest - which has never been a particularly "good" class. And doubly so when I don't give Blizzard money and get the F2P RNG ass-fucking. So that made it a pretty easy decision to un-install. And put me right back to recommending AGAINST the game. Cuz it's still incredibly poorly balanced rng-fest full of toxic shitards.

And also stumbled on some awesome pr0n text browser games done by a guy called Fenoxo. Apparently this stuff has been around like FOREVER, but first I ever came across it. It's your typical semi-linear story game, but focused on having sex with anything and everything. Oh and furries. Lots and lots of furries. And futas. And massive insertions. And egg-laying. It's basically a clusterfuck of complete weirdness. But in a good way! Kinda. I mean you have to have a tolerance for furry stuff. Which admittedly, is not generally my kink - I tend to like my waifus without fur, nor six legs, nor giant tail penises. But the writing is damn good, so it tends to make up for it! And you can generally avoid the shit that's too much of a turn-off for you - like six-legged tail-penis furries. He's got a fantasy and a sci-fi game. Both are pretty much the same thing but with different trappings. Sci-fi one seems a bit better in set-up and writing. And neither needs to be downloaded, just play in a window. So check 'em out!


Tantacel said...

Good link MB, Fenoxo's stuff can be a bit out there, but its a good text adventure!

Any updates from yourself?

Frank Peters said...

We ever going to see any more of your work again?

Anonymous said...

Heeeeey...I love your work and hope something new is coming out soon.
And on another note, it's about time that Shaman went tier 1. It's been in the bottom for too long. And priest had its moment before the release of Old Gods. But hey, I get it, because Warlock sucks dick.

MongoBongo said...

Just for you guys I did make some new stuff. :-P

And no, Priest never "had it's moment". The closest it ever got was Dragon Priest, which was merely competitive but vastly overshadowed by Patron Warrior and the various other forms of cancer at the time.

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