Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Amilee Bathtub

Hey look! I can actually make a set of my very own. Amazing! With my favorite postergirl of the site, Amilee. Posing in some solo centerfold shots while taking a bath. It's 30 pics of squeaky clean goodness at

So yeah, it's a set. Once again, pretty fucking amazing I can actually produce one. So played with ALOT of shit in this one. Major part being the geometry morphing / reshaping I mentioned in my last post. And since the pics are in chronological order (there's no particular story-telling in this one) you can see how it progressed as I played with it. And keep in mind I didn't postwork any of her body (just adding soap suds etc), so all of it is just straight render. And if you are sitting there staring blankly saying "So the fuck what?!", then you have no idea of the horror involved in V4's joint bends. Trust me, they would get nasty in most, if not all, of those pics. Requiring plenty of postwork which inevitably leads to a loss of texture and lighting errors in the final pic. So yeah, I'm pretty damn proud of the job I did on that.

Some other things I played with in this were six raytrace bounces for full reflection/refraction through the glass tub. Which came out nice, but is NOT something Poser does well at all. Each render took forever, some up to 20 hours. It is a truly terrible program compared to most others in this day and age. Though tbh I haven't tried the newest version, Poser 11. And probably never will. Cuz I simply don't trust Smithmicro anymore after the ass-fucking they gave me with PoserPro GameDev (which was HORRIBLE). Maybe Poser 11 is good, but fuck them. Not giving them money to find out. Anyway.... Also tried a faked Depth-of-Field effect for the background. Wasn't really liking the grainy-ness of Poser's built-in DoF. In some ways I liked how this turned out, and in other ways not so much. Still need to play around with it more. Oh and also did some reflections on the skin - which admittedly is fairly standard for most artists these days. Cuz human skin (like just about everything else in the world) is reflective to one extent or another. But first time I tried it out with a concentrated attempt. Combined with the multiple raytraces and the sub-surface scattering probably didn't help the render times. Still liked how it turned out, and will probably use it some more in the future.

In other news, got hooked into EvE-Online again. Big war to wipe out the Goons, and who can't pass that up? Sure Goons were fun and all once, but they kinda turned into the very thing they originally fought against - massively arrogant nullsec-renting shitlords who take the game too seriously. And that's why they need to die. Plus they probably pissed alot of people off with their scamming and ganking. If you have no clue wtf I'm talking about, don't worry - it's an EvE thing. So yeah, EvE is the reason why finishing up the postwork on this set took a bit longer than necessary. But fortunately for you guys, CCP never got around to fixing some of the broken things in the game. So the luster has worn off and the honeymoon was short-lived. So while I'll play it a bit, it won't be the time-consuming life-killing monster it normally was. So I'm back to work on the Belf / Old Gods set!

And also we have a new set from Zafo! With a parody of KanColle. Which if you are too lazy to click the link, is a Japanese browser game & anime featuring cute girls as the personifications of ships from WWII and fighting against demons from beneath the sea. Yeah, I know, only the Japanese. Gotta love 'em! Still it's funny as hell and there is a metric shit-ton of Rule34 porn out there for it.

And in this case we have Bismarck attacked by an Abyssal while in dock, taking multiple broadsides fore and aft, and having all her chambers flooded (with cum). It's 36 pics of historically accurate WWII naval battles at And remember all sales go directly to the artist!


Tantacel said...

Nice set MB, though would have like some disrobing shots first. A gentle tease before the money shots :) My cash is on its way!

Quick question though, the previews you gave last post, any chance we can have the cherrybomb pinup shot? - that looked hot!

Anonymous said...

Wow you play eve. Thats fun. Im in PanFam

Pasta said...

eh, war, I'll just keep mining in high sec. Pretty hyped for the Belf / Old Gods set

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of setting up a patreon? i bet you would make a shit load of money with your amazing work.

McRocket said...

Your sets look great. And your ideas are wonderful.

But this horrible rule you have that we can never re-download are purchases makes me not want to buy your sets as much as I used to.
Almost everyone else allows re-downloads...but not you.

Please change this flawed policy.

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