Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dun'ragon IV & Jeh's Rough Night

A new Zen set! Continuing Faearia's adventures in the Chronicles of Dun'ragon. With the elf queen's sister being possessed by a succubus and assembling an army of Demon Orcs. By allowing the brutal monsters to man-handle her supple body, violate every hole, eventually corrupting them with the power of her eldritch pussy. And it's up to Faearia to save the day! With blowjobs! It's 89 pics of epic elfy erotic adventure at And remember all sales go directly to the Zen. So buy it here and now, so he can get the most out of the purchase!


And a new set from RedRobot as well. With the further adventures of Helen Black: Vampire Hunter. This time she's hot on the trail of Jeh the Succubus! But the demoness has already found prey in the classiest gentleman you will ever meet. Will Helen arrive in time to save him?! *queue dramatic music* It's 61 pics of gothic eroticism at


johnny smith said...

Yay zen!

Tantacel said...

Hey MB, whats next from you?

Leonard Guptan said...

Heyyy Mongo where you "go" man? (Yeah, I'm a dick :v) But anyway, you haven't made contact with earth in over 2 months as far as I know, and I just wanted to give you a shout out to see if we'd get any signs of life. And also, I thought there was some ripping off going on here:
So I thought you might wanna check that out. (Skip to 2:00) The video's a couple years old but I discovered it and it reminded me of you (winky winky - not really) and I wanted you to see it. Peace.

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