Wednesday, August 19, 2015

RedRobot - Livecasters

So a new set by RedRobot. Officer Sita responds to domestic disturbance, and soon finds herself getting fucked hard in a web-streamed threesome! In his classic comic format with actual text and plot and that sort of thing. Brilliantly done and easily RedRobot's best work to date. It's 56 pics of hardcore police brutality (maybe?) at

So technically I was supposed to post this set up... ohhh.... like a month ago. And by "technically" I mean "actually". But I'm a massive flake. So scorn and shun me for I am a bad person. Kinda got sidetracked by a small stint of jury duty and then an addiction to SWTOR. Did I say addiction? I meant "recreational hobby". I mean it's not like I've been playing it non-stop for weeks or anything. *cough* It's totally not a problem, and I can quit any time I want. (Fuuuccckkk won't this shit just write itself so I can get back in game!) It's just that, y'know, I don't need to quit, cuz I'm like fine and shit. Totally fine... so brb. Just gonna log in for a quick sec.

So yeah, it's been pretty much like that. Got hooked again by the KotFE trailer from E3. Bioware focusing on story instead of out-dated grindy MMO philosophy? Oh hell yeah, sign me up for that! Plus I'm thinking it will be the return of "the most badass Sith ever". Which will be cool. So if you've never played SWTOR before, or did and then quit on the advice of some shit-tard 3d pornographer who didn't know wtf he was talking about and was completely wrong on every prediction he made on the game (that would be me btw), then give it a shot. If you subscribe (which btw is the only bearable way to play the game - F2P is an intentional horrible hassle), then you get 12 times the XP for following the class storyline missions so you can avoid all the horrible grindy bullshit - unless of course you want to. And there are some entertaining gems in the sidequests. So yeah, check it out if you want.

Oh and they also added the Togruta as a playable race. So if you want to indulge your fantasies of jailbait jedi Ahsoka, or slutty apprentice Ashara or w/e, then you can do that too. Which seemed like a reason to do an Ashara pic.

And I would be remiss in not mentioning the Deadpool trailer. Been a big fan since, well, forever. Hold on a sec, lemme go grab my fedora. Right, there we go. I was a fan of Deadpool before Deadpool was even cool. *tips fedora* Back when he was getting mailed to his employer via Fed-Ex, from the days of The Circle Chase, from the time when people didn't realize that Rob Liefeld truly was a terrible artist and batshit crazy to boot. So yeah, I got that going for me..... Anyway! Trailer came out a couple weeks ago. And looks like it'll be true to character. Can't wait! And sequel planned with Cable? Damn!

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