Friday, February 20, 2015

Zen - Sleep Study

New Zen set! Available nowhere else (for a limited time). It's a prequel in his Erin & Vicki futa series. With hottie redhead Erin in her early college years as an unsuspecting freshman participating in a sleep study. Only to have Dr Mackenzie's twisted "dream machine" unleash Erin's most depraved fantasies in which she is cock slammed by a monstrous futa penis and filled with gallons of cum. It's 87 pics of futa fun (that I'm sure everyone loves!) at And remember all sales go directly to the Zen. So buy it here and now, so he can get the most out of the purchase!

And a quick pic of the SAO girls doing a boob flash that was done by request. Well actually it was pitched as a commission idea, but since I hate commissions and liked the idea, I decided to do it for free in my spare time. Obviously they're not flashing Kirito cuz he's a douche.

In other Mongo news, still slogging away at Unity. Figuring stuff out, learning code, refining ideas. I had finally come up with an idea of a third-person RPG-type game, pulling ideas from action-oriented combat and stamina meters, without the silly tab targeting, and with the ability to actually defend, in a fantasy genre, focused on swordplay.... then I found that game already exists. It's called Dark Souls. Fuuuuckkk! So my brilliant idea was to create a shitty version (and it will be shitty) of a game that already exists. Can't even say I had something new or inventive. Le sigh. But at least it will have pr0n. And be less dark and gritty. And probably badly done. I should of just focused on making something like Pong. Ugh!

And can't help but mention the new season of Black Sails. Which is quite simply - incredibly awesome. Last season it was just "oh this is kinda cool and pretty well done". But this season it just completely kicks ass. I think it's mostly because (and this may come as a surprise coming from me) they decided to do less gratuitous sex and shouting "fuck" every 5 seconds, and instead focused on the actual story. Shocking concept! Flint has somehow become even more of an unrelenting badass. The Guthrie chick becomes a believable character. Silver is even more conniving, opportunistic, and self-centered. Vane is even more... well... Vane. He was already a godlike character to begin with. Rackham and Bonny finally come into their own. and they all still have their perfect white teeth. Right. Regardless, can't recommend it enough! Of course I'm more than a bit biased liking sword & cannon pirate shit. But that's ok, because liking that is right and proper, and if you don't then there is probably something wrong with you. :-P

 photo belaal_banner_zps1b14b707.png

Last but not least, a new artist to check out - Belaal. Just getting started in the whole 3d pr0n thing, and starting to polish his talent. Doing the usual "nekkid chicks and fantasy stuff" thing, with some reviews and random human interest stories thrown in. Give him a look-see and some feedback to help him improve and grow!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey MB. I don't suppose you've put any thought into producing something "Valentine's Day" related for this year, have you? Also, have you seen those recent movies from Studio FOW or the recent Dossiers by Epoch? Good stuff.

MongoBongo said...

Nope, no thought at all to Valentine's, especially since it's already a week past. :-/

And of course I know about Epoch's Dossiers, I mean he is on my link list for a reason.

As for Studio FOW, I'm really not sure what to make of them. I mean they do some crazy awesome shit with Source Filmmaker - the visuals, the animations, the sound, the shot angles, the after effects, all top notch! ... But the models, holy fuck. Why?!! WHY?!!!!!! They've got the talent and resources to adjust the model for a vagina, then they can at least go thru and add some edge loops to the ass and tits. The sharp edges there just kill my soul. Yes, it would probably require remapping the UV and regrouping the bones, but it's the main character for godsakes! She's supposed to be the one with the most polys! Spend an extra few days re-setting the character model, would totally be worth it. /rant

Redrobot said...

How do you feel that they revealed that Capt. Flint on Black Sails is Bi-Sexual? Personally I never saw that coming, but can see the clues to it now. The reaction on Facebook was to be expected with a lot of fan saying they'll tuning out of the program now. However no one made a sink to all the murder, lesbians, and threesomes that were going on before.

Anonymous said...

@MongoBongo Yeah, I get what you mean about Studio FOW's models. I'm sure for you and Epoch, it's not just a matter of what you show but also what you don't show when constructing each shot. I can only imagine how much more difficult that would become when you have multiple people working on a single project over a long period of time. Still, it seems like animated clips have become the next big thing in the scene. Have you ever considered producing webms with your models? It could be a good way to produce more regular content while honing your craft, though you don't sound like you'd want to do something that could revolve around commissions. :(

By the way, just because the holiday's passed us doesn't mean Miss Valentine should be relegated to it. ;)

MongoBongo said...

@Redrobot - What?! NOOOO!!! Just because Flint likes to suck cock and take it up the ass doesn't mean he's gay or anything!... Wait. No. That's exactly what it means... Whatever! He's still a badass! And if he likes a bit of the penis on the side, well more power to him I guess. Personally, I think those that are overly freaked out about it, are just projecting their own closeted homoerotic sensibilities onto the show. Still a great character to me.

@Dairy - Yeah I used to do those from time to time. But quickly found out they weren't worth the amount of effort that goes into making them. At least for one person. Multiple people with good team communication do the job much better.

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