Friday, August 22, 2014

Zen - Demon Doll House

New Zen3DX set! Jessica continues to be plagued by the evil demon that stalks her. This time, with her slutty stripper sister Ellie, she is dragged into the demon world. Where both are thoroughly used and violated by their new masters. It's a 92 page story of seductively erotic horror (with an additional 85 clean pics with no text) at So check it out now!

Also, Vaesark has a new site all of his own! Featuring a brand new Resident Evil Jill set. With the slutty little hottie taking insertion from increasingly huge beasties. Even (get this) a zombie elephant! Win! So cruise on by, check it out, and give him some support!


tealrock said...

3DZen was good, his earlier sets are already hot as hell, but he just got even better with this set, seeing his dedication to improve his skills, I can say with absolute certainty that his best has yet to come.

Keep a lookout for his blog and DA page for regular updates and to see him experimenting with new ideas and styles!

Trond said...

Zen's set was incredible. He surely stepped up his game on this one. Now a top five artist in my book.

Blogger said...

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