Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hibbli - Dark Eyes in the Forest

Another new Knight Elayne story from Hibbli! After *cough* "defeating" the demons in the Old Tavern, the hapless young knight sets out to clear the forest. Only to fall afoul of evil magick yet again, and end up the mind-controlled sex slave of wicked forest trolls. How will she ever escape?! *drama!* It's 34 pages of fantasy erotica in super hi-rez PDF format with additional bonus pics at All that for only $5! And of course all sales go directly to the artist!

I feel like I should babble about other stuff. No idea what though. Hmmm.... Affect3D is fishing for new 3d porn producers by offering (up to) $10K in investment. So if you got a great idea and awesome undiscovered talent to make it come true, then throw them a sales pitch. They ain't gonna be giving you money for an badass new computer just for you to learn this shit though. You gotta have a solid idea and a plan. Let's see, what else?... Jenny has her Morgana comics coming out soon-ish. She's been working on getting somebody to do those FOREVER, so "yay Jenny!". Ummm.... New WoD trailer came out the other day. Really don't see what the big deal with it is. I suppose you have to actually play WoW to understand it's importance. It looked cool and all, but I was just left sitting there thinking "...'kay.... and?".


MQ Fields said...

Very beautiful artwork. Love the firelight scene. I read the description and it seems mind control would truly take all the fun out of it. I'd be much more inclined to invest in your artwork if you would show the girl with the oww O face frightened expressions ( mouth open and eyes wide in horror )
Well done seems like great effort was put into the detail of this work.

MongoBongo said...

Choose one posting account and stick with it. You keep alt-spamming and I'll delete all of your posts. You have been warned.

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