Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Zafo - LoQO Group

Another great set from Zafo! Working in collaboration with SweGabe, the creator of Legend of Queen Opala, he brings us 4 different scenes of all the royal whores family frolicking the best way they know how. Farah doing what she normally does in stables, plus satisfying a brutal Troll. Opala and special guest star Tera playing with Sebastilion. And the evil Osira doing her normal necromantic experiments in the the dungeons. It's 46 pics reliving ancient Egypt with an accuracy that would challenge the History Channel, only at And members get the download for 50% off.

So ummm yeah... Busy month with updates. Yay!


Time Wanker said...

Great set! I honestly could have stood to have a full of each of the pieces with even more of each of the girls -- but having them all in one is great, too. Some good penetration shots (both oral and vaginal), which you can never have enough of IMHO. Seems like you're getting stronger with each set, so keep up the great work.

Oh, and if you wanted to do a set with that Arabian Princess you've posted in some of the art sites -- I wouldn't mind at all. ;-)

Zafo said...

Im actully thinking about making something with her but im in a middle of a difrent set so meaby
after that one.

turias said...

ok, so im unfamiliar with these characters and their story but iam familiar with your work as a fan. so I have a few questions;
1. is the black cat intelligent, or like a werecat hybrid in animal form or something?
2. does the family have cat blood in them from the gods or something? their faces are pinched weirdlike, except tera so I assume it was on purpose and im wondering what the story behind that is?


Planetfall said...

Zafo, great work man. Thank you for having the balls to be one of the few artists to feature dark girls in your sets. Your 3 Wishes set is my all-time favorite of yours. The genie's face and outfit was gorgeous. Beautiful art!

Zafo said...

1. No idea lol.
2. Hmm, nope theya re jsut regular humans and i dont really see that
pinched wierdnes you are talking about.
Youre the first peson that pointed that out.

Tbh i dotn see enything ballzy about making sets with dark skinned girls, i just do what i enjoy and
just happen to enjoy dark elf and other dark skinned girls :) I love other skin color girls too ofcourse:)

SpideySense said...

Hi Zafo. I'm a fan of your older work and I think one of your best was Anya & Ruin Stalker. I don't know what is up with this month everyone is doing a two girl set but that completely turns me off. It's like I'm trying to concentrate on the one girl and some other girl is trying to lick my behind and I'm like what the hell get out of here you aren't as hot as this one and I want to focus on this babe! You know. (in fantasy land of course). Yeah if two girls come to my door ready for sex I would say only one (the most beautiful and sexiest and innocent - hate sluts) enters the demon's den. So that's my take. Great art. My fav babe of the four in the preview pic is the one in the white top minus the freckle on her lip. So yeah hope that helps. Yeah that girl is really beautiful and built. Puts the other three girls to shame so she would be my pic for a feature set. Also like her cause she seems more innocent. Like to see the girls scared and innocent and not slutty. Can't stand sluts cause they are loose with no class and it's no fun. Look forward to your next set.

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