Tuesday, November 5, 2013

WH40K: Battle Sister & Daemonette

In the dark grim future of the Imperium of Mankind, the Adepta Sororitas battle against the forces of Chaos on a Daemonworld. A lone Battle sister faces off with a vile Daemonette with predictable results. It's 31 pics of strategic table-top gaming fun at www.mongo-bongo-art.com. With site members getting the set download free for the next month(-ish).

In celebration of the new Adepta Sororitas codex being released a week or so ago, we have a Sister of Battle inspired set. Been wanting to do one of these FOREVER. Finally got around to it. Amusingly enough, I've never really played WH40K. But played tons of Dawn of War. Lurve my Battle Sisters.

So rather proud of something in this set. Poser has a built-in Depth Cue fog effect. Basically the farther away things are, the more covered they are in fog. Which is cool. Except that it goes in every direction. Up, down, sideways, etc. So if you want your background trees covered in fog, your sky is going to be too. Which sucks. But after much testing, tweaking, searching, and experimenting, I found a way to keep the effect constrained in height. So trees can be shrouded in fog while the sky is still bright and clear. Very cool. Still has the downside of the fog not interacting with light or showing up in reflections. But take what you can get. Trade-off is that it does render quick, and that's always a plus.

Oh! And in other news, Google Checkout... Wallet... whatever it's calling itself these days... it's being discontinued this month. Not sure why. Maybe it wasn't profitable enough, or they couldn't compete with Paypal, or maybe they just thought it was too much risk. Whatever the reason they've been planning it (and reminding me incessantly) since the beginning of the year. In any case, they are closing down shop on the 20th. But not to worry, there are other card processors already set up. So don't be surprised when the payment screen looks slightly different.

Prilla Hair by SWAM (no longer available it seems)
Sororitas Armor V3 by Torsis (V4 version no longer available it seems)
Evenesk's Elite by Aery Soul (see Alfaseed for similar)


Tantacel said...

Pah, Sister of Battle. Tau were where it was at. Fire warriors backed up by a Grav tank was an unbeatable firing squad of doom.

Great work on the Demonette MB. Did you use any of the Libor Chaotic for inspiration? Great resource on Chaos beasts and such. Maybe our Battle Sister could face a Tzeentch Lord of Change next time. A mutating beast would be quite a challenge for our Emperor loving girl...

MongoBongo said...

Except Tau aren't sexy. They are blue wapanese faggots! :-P

And nope, never heard of the Liber Chaotica 'til I just looked it up. Actually based the daemonette off of model pics and the like. And definitely have many other ideas in store for our little Sororitas!

Anonymous said...

Holy F**k, yes! 40k <3 Pfft. Star Elves all the way~


Anonymous said...

futanari + tentacles = perfection

Dizzydills said...

Zomg 40k, that detail is incredible. Slaanesh would be proud. Nicely done bro!

MongoBongo said...

Hehe yeah kinda figured you'd like this one. \o/

UncleSickey said...

Hey Mongo, love this set so much! Speaking as a veteran 40k mini player; stick with DoW2, same thing; but much more playable. On the subject of Sorotitas; I do have a set called Sororitas 2004 in my archives; but I don't know if that's the set you're looking for V4. I've tried it with V4 and it doesn't conform properly (or to V3 for that matter). But if you want me to send it to you; lemme know, ok? Perhaps you can get it to work correctly; my version (from the ancient DAZ 40k thread) didn't come with a readme. So I was pretty much shooting blind with it trying to get it to work with current 3rd and 4th gen figures.

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