Friday, November 8, 2013

Typical Friday

So it wouldn't be a brisk autumn Friday without a movie review. Thus, the new Thor movie. It's pretty much everything you'd expect a Thor movie to be. He smashes lots of shit with his hammer. There's lightning. One-liners. Vikings. Lasers. Wait wut? Yeah apparently the Norse gods have lasers and spacecraft and shit. It's kinda like the horrible Stargate shows. I didn't see the first movie or read Thor comics so maybe it's supposed to be that way. *shrug*

Regardless it's good simple action fun. Not gonna win any awards or be your new favorite super-hero forever and ever. But it's entertaining. I'd suggest catching it on a matinee after a few beers (or your recreational indulgence of choice - snorting kittens). It'll help you gloss over some of the weaker points of the movie. Like the aforementioned lasers. And the bad guys that look suspiciously like Romulans from recent Trek movies. Come to think of it, it does kinda seem like a bad fanfic Norse/Trek cross-over. Huh.

Anyway Helmsworth does his typical Thor from the Avengers. Stands around and looks good (he is a damn good-looking man... fucking bastard), pulls off decent one-liners, and beats shit up. Loki is just as awesome as he was before, and consistently steals the show. Anthony Hopkins as Odin is just creepy - I mean he's as good as he can be for a typical action movie script... but it's still Anthony Hopkins. And he's creepy. And of course there is Natalie Portman. Who is just great to look at no matter what she does. She also does the best she can with the script, but she's way less creepy. Hell, she made the Star Wars films decent, so this was a cakewalk. Speaking of which I should do some Padme stuff at some point.

And in other news, Affect3d is hiring. Yeah, like they actually pay you and stuff. So you too can live The Dream of getting paid for dealing with 3d porn all day. Which I'll be honest, is not a bad gig. So if you have incredible super-duper job skills, or can just reliably do your job without being handheld 24/7, then you should apply! No idea how much they pay. But odds are you are NOT gonna be getting full medical benefits and a 401K. But it's porn! And you're getting paid for it!


TheMadMonk said...

Spot on for the review MB! The important thing was I was entertained for approximately 2 hours.
The only thing I would have added is where can I get an intern like Kat Dennings?
She might not be the classic beauty like Portman but this is a girl you want to get drunk with
and hopefully when you wake up naked next to her your the one who does remember everything that
happened the night before…

Redrobot said...

I was reading over at that Jamie Alexander put on 20lbs of pure muscle for the role of Sif! Kind of sucks that she had so little screen time. I have the feeling that there's going to be a directors cut when its released on Blu-Ray. Perhaps a lesbian sex fight between Natalie Portman and Her! One can only dream.

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