Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bretonnia Knight: The Manticore

Everyone's favorite slutty knight Lady D'Clairmonte embarks on yet another ill-fated quest. This time to be ravished defeat the dreaded Manticore. It's 37 pics chivalrous knightly romance and Arthurian legend at And members get knighted with a free download of the set for the next month-ish.

Yay! Finally finished with another quick 20-pic set... Oh wait. It's like twice that and nowhere near as quick as I was hoping. Sigh. But at least the Manticore fur came out nice. Rather proud of that. And the veins. Came out well too.

And in other goings-on in the 3d world. Epoch has a super awesome donation rally going on to get some cash to buy some new hardware and continue making his awesome kickass stuff. But it's been stuck about $300 short for the past week. So I call upon you my fanatical minions to go forth and donate to his worthy cause. If everyone donates a buck, then he will be set. Or donate more if you are awesome. And if you are like me and blacklisted from ever using Paypal (or you just think they are the worst company in the world and refuse to use them) you can always buy a comic from his store.

Also any reason to continue living ended a few Sundays ago with the last episode of Breaking Bad. Though in reality, it pretty much ended when Gus got killed off last season (oh spoiler lol). But still the show struggled on without him, and kept us entertained until it's rather satisfactory conclusion. However it left an open gaping wound in Sunday nights that will never ever be filled.... Until this Sunday with new season of Walking Dead. Joyous days! \o/ ... Just had to share that.

See No Evil by Aery Soul (see AlfaseeD for similar)


Lazy Fuck said...

Take the time to catch up on Orphan Black if you haven't done so already. It's a 10 episode show (so far, only one season done) about a woman who returns to her home town only to see a doppleganger commit suicide in front of her. She robs her identity because her life is so shit and she's pretty well off and then it starts to spiral out of control as she finds out about more clones and corporate conspiracy. The clone scenes are excellently acted and the actress that plays the main characters is both severely hot and fantastic at her work. Good enough that she pipped Bryan Cranston for a best actor award at one of the smaller award ceremonies (can't remember which one). She's good enough that she can pull off one clone playing another clone and leave enough clues in her performance for you to know it's not the real clone and guess who it's supposed to be. It's also excellently paced and has some fantastic characters and drama. I cannot recommend it enough and would be delighted to see a clone set similar to your Resident Evil clone futa gangrape set using Tatiana Moslany. The only reason I didn't suggest such a few weeks back during your recent search for material was because it'd be hard to top that - though the fact you could include some story and the clones look visually distinct would make it different now that I think about it.

I would also recommend Terriers if you haven't watched it yet and enjoy detective stories, but it got canned after one season. It ended nicely while leaving room open for more and has no real cliffhangers or open plots, but it is still over regardless.

Tantacel said...

Ah Lady D'Clairemont, how we enjoy your adventures! Maybe you could quest after the legendary hydra next?

Great set MB. Echoing the Lazy Fucks comment on the Resident Evil Clones making a return. Being Halloween soon it would be awesome to see Jill take them on....

Lazy Fuck said...

That's not actually what I was suggesting: I was suggesting one based off the characters in Orphan Black, several of whom are visually and mentally distinct clones of the same basic genetic template. A Resident Evil set would presumably be more appropriate for Halloween though.

Dante, The Dark Prince said...

I just bought the Epliogue for Clara Ravens from Epoch. Not bad at all :D Especially loved how he had a few animated pages. Also Loving your new Bretonnia Knight set, and I've got to say I love that look on her face on page 21. Lol, balls deep.

A Time Wanker said...

Great set. I love the Bretonnia Knight and her mis-adventures. I had a feeling that her faithful steed was going to need a little TLC after this run-in. In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing another set with her stallion friend and a bit more oral. Or maybe you could re-do the wolf set that got DMCAed with our armored heroine. In any case, I'm looking forward to seeing her next encounter. Keep up the great work!

MongoBongo said...

@Lazy - Orphan Black huh? Gotta say didn't expect much out of that when I saw the ads. First thing that sprang to mind was "Lost Girl" - and never before has a show made me so eager to gouge out my own eyes with a salad fork. Well that's not true, plenty of shows have - Lost Girl was just the most recent. In any case, will give Orphan Black a shot.

@Tantacel - Hydra is a good call! Will have to write that one down. And next RE set is probably when the next movie comes out.

@Dante - Glad you like!

@Time - Horse probably does need more love. And wolves (even a bunch of them) are just too small an adversary for our brave knight. She likes 'em BIG.

Lazy Fuck said...

I'd be interested to hear your opinion on Orphan Black even if you don't like it or drop it. I'm thinking you'll probably enjoy it though, because it's just a really solid, fun show.

Hydros1966 said...

Great Story real nice made of you.
I would for the story but rather on the Thangsgiffing track in recent years recourse maybe take a few dwarves and or a lesbian of number with an Indian girls?

Jenny Poussin said...

Having played Warhammer now I actually GET the Bretonnian Knight thing now Mongo! :)
LOVE the details in her armor :)
And ... is killing the horse like killing a dog in a movie ... a big No-No??? giggle ;)
Big Kiss

Lazy Fuck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lazy Fuck said...

The horse is her comforter - she might find something bigger, newer or more exciting occasionally - but Roughshod (which I choose to believe is his name after 2 seconds thought - because she rides roughshod, and he does too) will always be there to help in her...times of need.

A Time Wanker said...

So, Dire Wolves, then? (Just trying to help you re-use that old set that had to vanish.) ;-) Seriously, though, a nice "relaxing" time for the knight and her steed would be great. They deserve it.

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