Friday, September 27, 2013

SWTOR: Jedi & Troopers

A New Hope emerges for the Republic. A young Mirialan Jedi arrives on Alderaan to bring an end to the on-going civil war... and she is quickly ambushed, handcuffed, and gang-banged by Imperial Troopers. An epic 35-pic SWTOR inspired set available only at Members get the set download for free for next month-ish, cuz they are strong in the Force.

So FINALLY got around to doing something with an old pic idea from almost a year ago. Which is nice, cuz I do really like playing around with the Star Wars universe. So many fun things to dick around with. And also played around with some new render settings for this one. Found some ways to improve quality while also removing wasted processing effort so the renders take the same or possibly less time to finish. Which is always nice.

And in other SWTOR news, they are still up to their stupid tricks. Haven't played it in months, but dropped by to check things out for this blog post. And in typical style they are fucking over their current customers to pander to new ones. Their most recent expansion you had to pay like $30 or something when it came out. Now if you subscribe you get it for free. And folks who previously paid for it? Well they get a title "as our appreciation for the purchase". A fucking title for $30. To make it even better, if you bought the expansion a month before they started giving it away, you got some Cartel Coins. But if you bought it before then... well you get the title at least. Fucking hell. It's that kind of bullshit that makes me NOT play that game anymore. Oddly enough, getting constantly fucked up the ass doesn't seem to appeal to me. So I'll probably be skipping games run by EA in the future.

And speaking of questionable MMOs, still following Wildstar Online. Only reason I say "questionable" is cuz their business plan involves purchasing the game, and then also paying for a subscription (one way or another). Which kinda leads me to believe that after a few months, they'll ditch the whole "game purchase" and just stick with subscriptions. Question is, do folks who originally paid for it get shafted? Unfortunately, I will probably end up finding out first hand. Cuz it does look like it's gonna be a pretty good game. And something different. Not just another WoW-clone with a sci-fi skin. They're putting a bit of thought into the game mechanics (targeting, activating abilities, movement, etc) and aren't afraid to try some new stuff. Check out some of their DevSpeak vids on it. Whether or not "new" equates to "good" remains to be seen. But got high hopes for it.



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Anonymous said...

Great work!!! Your renders just keep setting the bar higher

Faro09 said...

This is amazing. I love Star Wars content and this is no exception. I played swtor for half a year, quit a little before it went f2p. I haven't checked on it, but I heard some of the stupid stuff they've been doing with their cartle shop. Sad, I really liked that game.

I only recently discovered Wildstar. It looks interesting. I like the art style it has and the developer videos are well put together. I believe they were going with an EVE online style of system. Where you have to pay monthly, but you can accumulate enough currency in-game to pay for another month. I believe that's what they are going with, don't quote me.

Anyway, love the Jedi chick you brought. I thought she was originally going to be a smuggler, going off of the original post. I still like the idea though; Jedi girl having sex. Hope to see more of her in the future.

Zafo said...

Great set as allways.
I was thinking about trying Wildstar myself but i never managed to get into beta.
We should try to get on the same server so we can play together :)

Anonymous said...

If SWTOR looked like that, I might still play it... for a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

You don't sound very pleased with SW:TOR. So its to that end that it confuses me that you even refer to this AS "SWTOR" themed.

Why not just call it Star Wars and not refer to that awful cash cow of a game?

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