Monday, September 23, 2013

More Sites to Check Out

Ok first off we have the incomparable Gazukull. How I have managed to NOT link his site before is beyond me. Guess I'm just short yellow bus special that way. In any case, first came across his stuff waaayyyyy back in the day with Sinclair: Voluptuous Space Captain, when we didn't mind terrible lighting and Wyrmmaster was still a thing. And then his Chronicles of Gazukull (when A3 was still a thing) and I said to myself "ZOMG! i wont 2 do th4T!!" (yes, I said it just like that). So I did. And then I found Rotica, and my life was ruined forever *sob*. So yeah, it's all Gazukull's fault. In any case, go check out his site. He's busting out some crazy good stuff with Octane. Plus you can pick up some of his awesome works over at the diseased inbred pit of filth and infamy (:-P).

Next up is Assman's (no seriously, that is his name) site Triple-X3D. It's just straight up hardcore poser porn. No fantasy or sci-fi bullshit, just semi-realistic modern day fucking. Some decent figures and hot chicks. He also has a paysite over at Adult-Empire if you wanna check it out. Which I'll admit I'm a bit skeptical about, having had more than my fair share of pirating issues with those vultures. But whatever. At the very least drop by and check out his blog.

And last but not least is The Frontier Chronicles by Creeping Reaper. He's a bro of DizzyDills who is doing an erotic writing thing. So it's more of a story-driven blog with a few pics. Which given my aversion to words and stuff, I had to get somebody else to read it out loud for me, and then flash the pics so I could be entertained. Was pretty good. Keep in mind the pics are mostly game screenshots, and don't really contain any graphic pussy-pounding sex. It's more of a sleazy cerebral type site, where the pics are intended to foster the reader's imagination while spinning an epic tale of exploration, adventure, and steamy erotic goodness. ... I don't get it. But you should totally go check out his site. Oh and a tip for navigating the site - you gotta use the top navbar for the Prologue, Story, etc. That's where the goodies are.


Dante, The Dark Prince said...

Yo Mongo, I made a little something that you need to see. Hope you don't get mad about it...

It's a costume for the flash game Super Deepthroat. You can get the costume here if you're interested

gazukull said...

Hey brother! Thank you for the kind words. Sinclair VSC and Old CoG... we really did settle for terrible lighting. Then again, I was rendering on an old Athlon Thunderbird running @ 1.8 woo! These young bucks probably don't understand that Wyrmmaster was a revolutionary :D

Creeping Reaper said...

Hello, thank you for introducing my new blog.

You are right in that I am more of a writer than a renderer, but I find that there aren't many erotic writers out there.

So I am filling that niche.

Your banner is up on my blog!

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