Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What's New

So guess we'll start off with some fanart of everybody's favorite slutty goat alien - Monara. Cuz it's come to my attention that some people come to this blog just to see the pics, and not for my sparkling personality, witty insights into the world, and general news commentary. I know, weird. But some people are just that way. In any case, if you don't know who Monara is, you are a bad person. She is the creation of the very awesome Dr. Graevling who can be found on his tumblr page and at Hentai Foundry. Monara is his most famous creation, but he doesn't do a whole lot with her anymore. Mostly cuz nobody plays WoW. Seriously, does anybody admit to still playing that? But w/e, his shit is still good.

PoserPro 2014

In other news, I have been fapping non-stop to the new stuff released in PoserPro 2014. It looks soooo freaking good! First (and most important) is the new fitting room. All my old shit from V3 and A3 that I never got around to deleting (thankfully) I can reuse for V4 (or any other figure). Sure there have been plenty of other fitting programs, but most of them sucked ass. This has the advantage of being native in Poser, plus has smoothing tools to fix problem areas. And can copy over morphs from the character figure to the clothing with the click of a button.

Also, there are weight maps - which means I can paint onto meshes the areas I want to affect, and the relative strength of the effect. Which works in the smoothing, morphing, magnets, pretty much everything. It's soooo fucking useful. Plus the Grouping tool has been made more easy to use. Which doesn't affect most users, but I find myself re-grouping and creating new material zones fairly often. Let's see what else? Material room compound nodes. Basically shrink multiple nodes into one node to keep the material room nice and orderly.

Animation got a huge boost too. Will probably never have time to play around with that as much as I'd like. But some cool effects with an actual physics engine that automatically handles the effects of objects interacting and bouncing off each other. Oh! And dynamics! You can apply cloth dynamics to specific areas of a figure with weight maps. So can do a cushion or bed deformation from somebody lying on it without using morphs or magnets. And more importantly, can do breast squishing effects. Win!

What else? Pixar Subdivision, which basically works like the Smoothing option during rendering, but without alot of the annoying warping. So can now take crappy old school low-poly props and use virtual subdivision to make them look a whole lot better (doesn't solve problems of low-rez textures though). Anything else? Ray-trace Preview. So makes positioning mirrors and other reflective things a bit easier. So sitting here waiting for my upgrade to arrive. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry.


Also a new site to add to the link list as I go thru and clean that up. The super fabulous Longyyy! Who has (imo) the best 3d rendition of Jenny Poussin. Plus some other great hotties like Sarah. Mmmmm.... Sarah. And all of them taking giant super-sized cocks from hulking brutes. So gotta love that! Go check his stuff out!


Will Zenn said...

oh great, now i need to go buy 2014 Poser....... ;) I was debating it but the fitting room sounds worth it and subdivision... thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

MongoBongo if you put this version of Monara in Hentai-Foundry with tags (Warcraft-wow-monara) my glob.

G Money said...

Hello Mongo. Poser 2014 is good stuff. The fitting room is as advertised. Which is rare but great. The one thing that I found annoying is that say you open an older poser file (say poser 2012, or poser 9). 2014 has a problem locating some of the files associated with the main poser file say, for example, hair objects and textures (mostly textures). That is about the only thing right now I find annoying with Poser 2014. Other than that it's straight dope.

Anonymous said...

Hey man what happened to the Lora croft series's and the tifa and red x gallery? Did y'all get in legal trouble for copyrights or something? Kinda bummed they've been missing so long. At first I thought they were missing in prep for an update but its been quite a while now.

Dalock said...

@ prev anon

As Mongo stated a while back, he was DMCA'd about those two sets and as a result had to take them down from this website. This is not to say that aren't still out in virtua space... somewhere... but not here

Cryotek said...

Heyyyy... I still play WoW 0.0

MongoBongo said...

@GMoney - Liking it so far!

@Anon - Yeah what Dalock said.

@Cryotek - It's a well-known fact that you have no shame. You'll freely admit to even the most disgusting of perversions! :-P

Fat Tony said...

Great idea with Monara Mongo! She is a really sexy character.

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